Veriato RansomSafe

Veriato RansomSafe provides ransomware defense capabilities with failsafe backup and rapid recovery. With RansomSafe, organizations can not only detect a ransomware attack and lock the affected user out, but they also have access to current, automatic backups that allow the recovery of data with just a few clicks.


  • Continuously update and maintain a robust database of known ransomware signatures. Detects the presence of known variants by matching against this database.
  • Helps to place honeypot files that, if modified, alert the solution to a ransomware attack. Detects attacks from previously unknown variants.
  • Intercepts the command to encrypt (or delete) any files, making a copy and storing it safely away from the reach of the attack.
  • Blocks the user account attempting to encrypt your files from making changes to the file system, shutting down the attack to prevent further encryption attempts and to minimize the restoration effort required. The product can send an email notification immediately if and when this happens, allowing you to respond quickly.

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