OneSpan is an international company that develops high-tech solutions in the field of digital identity and anti-fraud. Over 20 years OneSpan technologies protect more than 2000 of the leading banks and 10000 organizations in other industries worldwide. Company’s portfolio includes solutions for secure authentication, digital identification, fraud protection in digital channels (online banking), electronic signature and mobile apps protection.


OneSpan Digipass

OneSpan Digipass is user-friendly hardware authenticators which provide proven multi factor authentication by one-time passwords and transaction data signing.

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OneSpan Mobile Application Shielding

OneSpan Mobile Application Shielding is software for enterprise apps protection on client’s devices from the most so-phisticated attacks.

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OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication is a powerful cloud-based authentication solution designed to dramatically reduce account take-over fraud, meet strict global regulations and deliver the best digital user experience.

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OneSpan Mobile Authenticator

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator is a mobile authentication apps for Android and iOS that simplify two factor authentication (2FA) for corporate use cases.

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OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator Studio is a mobile app for fraud protection by converting users’ mobile devices into an authentication factor and tool for digital transaction signing.

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Examples of implementations

Regional Bank is implementing the OneSpan solution

Regional Bank is implementing the OneSpan solution to provide a user-friendly and secure user experience.

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OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication