Teamwire for Business

Teamwire for Business is a fast, easy to use and secure app for all your enterprise messaging needs. The app helps to get things done, increase the productivity and improve the internal communication. You can send 1:1 and group messages, post status updates to your teams, exchange video and voice messages, and share calendar dates, files and much more with colleagues. The solution maintains complete data sovereignty, secure communications with strong encryption and ensure company-wide compliance.



  • Real-time messaging to quickly collaborate and make decisions.
  • Topic-specific group chats and permanent team channels.
  • Easy exchange of digital content (e.g. documents, photos, videos).
  • Fast sharing of news, updates and site information via personal distribution list.
  • Direct collaboration of field, service and office staff.
  • Alerting in case of an emergency or critical situation.
  • Automating workflows with integrations and chat bots (API, LDAP/AD, сhat widget, BOTs, WhatsApp, etc).
  • Showing status updates and comments.
  • Supports and easy integrating with market-leading MDM/EMM/UEM vendors (Appconfig, MobileIron, VMWare, etc.).


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