Server Suite

With Server Suite, organizations minimize their attack surface by establishing trusted Active Directory machine identities and leveraging corporate identities for authentication, implementing least privilege just-in-time with MFA, and securing remote access while auditing everything.


  • Extends Active Directory (AD) benefits to Linux and UNIX by natively joining them to AD, turning the host system into an AD client.
  • Provides multi-factor authentication at login for Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems.
  • Centrally creates and consistently applies roles and security policies that granularly control privilege across Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
  • Audits all SSH session activity at the shell and process level in forensic detail for security review, corrective action, and compliance reporting.
  • Records, monitors, and controls remote sessions to critical infrastructure in real-time and gives possibility instantly terminate suspicious sessions.
  • Enables adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IT admins who access Windows and Linux systems, elevate privilege, or leverage privileged credentials (additional option).
  • Leverages user behavior analytics on the base of modern machine learning algorithms to carefully analyze a privileged user’s behavior (additional option).


Macmillan Cancer Support needed to bolster security and achieve compliance with PCI and ISO 27001 security standards. Using Centrify, they regained control of their most critical accounts, implemented MFA-enhanced access that surgically places third-party users on target systems without access to the broader network, and removed the need for NAC tools to guarantee compliance.

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