OneSpan Mobile Security Suite

OneSpan Mobile Security Suite enables financial institutions to deliver convenient and secure mobile offerings by natively integrating mobile app security, biometric authentication, e-signatures, and trans-action signing into their Android and iOS apps.


  • Detects and mitigates the latest malware attacks, impedes reverse-engineering, defends against tampering, and stops app spoofing and cloning with an invisible, always-on layer of state-of-the-art mobile Android and iOS app security.
  • Continually monitors apps operations on devices to detect rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Enforces the highest mobile app security for communications between the server and mobile device with end-to-end encryption.
  • Strengthens the security of data stored on the device with additional encryption and dynamic masking of the data storage method beyond what is provided by the platform.
  • Protects from attacks connected with extracting an app’s encryption keys.
  • Enables and maintains a secure bond between a given mobile device and an authorized user to mitigate account takeover, stop the repurposing of cryptographic keys, and prevent app cloning.
  • Includes natively build e-signing capabilities into existing mobile apps to allow users to sign from anywhere, at any time, on any device.
  • In real time, monitors and scores the way users interact with their mobile devices via keystroke and gesture dynamics by behavioral biometrics.
  • Allows users to verify and sign transactions anywhere at any time without the need for a wireless or physical connection.
  • Identifies a mobile device via unique attributes to provide persistent identification that’s unaffected by mobile OS updates and defeats malicious attempts to spoof the mobile device.
  • Provides facial, fingerprint and FIDO authentication.
  • Pinpoints and timestamps a mobile device’s longitude and latitude within meters to determine the trustworthiness of a mobile device and feed risk analytics and risk management solutions with contextual data.
  • Includes risk-based authentication.
  • Supports push notification and QR codes.