OneSpan Digipass

Digipass product line is designed for high-value transactions security and fraud protection by hardware authenticators and two-factor authentication.


  • The Digipass line includes one-button authenticators, transaction signing devices and card readers.
  • One-button authenticators support two-factor authentication with multiple OTP (one-time passwords) technologies.
  • One-button authenticators offering enhanced security for organizations that need to secure multiple applications.
  • One-button authenticators can be programmed to use time and/or event-based algorithms, the length of the OTP and welcome message.
  • There are different types of one-button authenticators: from a simple one-button device to a display card.
  • Transaction data signing authenticators create a transaction signature unique to each particular transaction using data such as account number, transaction amount, and a time stamp.
  • Devices uses multiple technologies of authentication: Cronto, Bluetooth, voice-enabled, PIN pad.
  • Card readers (connected and unconnected) supports secure transaction signing as well as two-factor authentication for OTP (one-time passwords).
  • All devices are fully customizable with your corporate logo, branding, and custom colors.
  • All Digipass devices have long-life batteries, are tamper-resistant, designed to withstand extreme physical conditions and extremely portable.