Forescout eyeInspect

Forescout eyeInspect provides in-depth device visibility for OT networks and enables effective, real-time management of a full range of operational and cyber risks.


  • Provides full visibility into OT networks, including newly connected and rogue devices.
  • Runs detailed, accurate, real-time asset inventory.
  • Displays all IP-enabled and serial devices, including HMIs, SCADA, PLCs, controllers, sensors, meters and I/O.
  • Detects known and unknown cyberthreats using thousands of ICS/OT-specific threat checks and indicators of compromise.
  • Detects and prioritizes cyber and operational risks according to the level of urgency and potential impact on the business.
  • Detects noncompliant devices throughout the network.
  • Detects network changes, including new devices, changes to infrastructure and irregular operational activity.
  • Responses on cyber and operational threats according to clear scores.
  • Responses on alerts with pre-defined automated workflows, rules, and remediation actions.
  • Responses on compliance changes with asset baseline-defined rules, parameters, and reports.
  • Provides visibility into building management system (BMS) and building automation system (BAS) devices, including HVAC and access control.
  • Monitors other physical and SDN infrastructure, including switches, routers, VPSs, wireless access points and controllers.
  • Aggregates alerts and logs according to various parameters, including time, devices, network location and alert type.


Brewery Invests in Continuous Network Monitoring to Improve Their Cyber Resilience.

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