Deep Instinct Prevention for Endpoints

Deep Instinct Prevention for Endpoint prevents ransomware and other known, unknown, zero-day threats, dramatically reducing false positives, improving the effectiveness of existing security solutions, and lowering organization’s overall risk. The moment an attacker attempts to land a malicious payload on their target endpoint, Deep Instinct prevents it – before it can fully execute and infect your network.

Security teams will spend less time responding to benign alerts and more time focusing on higher-value priorities like threat hunting, patching, and hardening defenses.

The solution complements existing EDR and SIEM tools.

Product benefits are:

  • Prevents known, unknown, and zero-day threats in <20ms.
  • Saves security teams time by dramatically reducing false positives to <0.1%.
  • Ensures malware does not execute on your endpoint.
  • Stops multi-stage, complex ransomware attacks.
  • Enacts layered prevention against the most complex attacks.
  • Protects against adversarial AI.


  • Scans in real time all files, processes, or memory injections that try to access a device.
  • Using deep learning algorithms, immediately and accurately classifies cyber threats with a threat severity rating beyond known signatures to include zero-day, ransomware, and previously never-before-seen malware (unknowns).
  • Automatically mappings classified threats to MITRE to have the full context of the type and severity of the threat.
  • According to a predefined policy threshold, decides whether the file is malicious or benign, and depending on this outcome, automatically actions to delete or quarantine or allow it to run.
  • Employs additional dynamic and behavioral analysis layers to detect and automate responses to identified threats.
  • Supports the widest variety of file and fileless threat types.
  • Is Multi-OS, multi-environment (Endpoint, Mobile, Server, Cloud, Network).
  • Integrates with EDR, SIEM, SOAR, and other tools via REST API, Syslog, or SMTP.

Use Cases

Yamada Holdings, Japan’s largest electronics retailer, selects Deep Instinct to prevent malware

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