Headtechnology Becomes an Authorized Distributor of Stellar Cyber’s Solutions

Headtechnology has become the authorized distributor of Stellar Cyber Inc. – a company that provides the innovative Open XDR security operations platform providing high-speed, high-fidelity threat detection and automated response across the entire attack surface.

According to our distribution agreement, Headtechnology will supply Stellar Cyber’s solutions to 30 countries of Eastern Europe, the CIS, Baltic States and Turkey. This will allow the company to have a well-established presence in one of fastest-growing market segments in enterprise cybersecurity – XDR-systems. And it enables us to offer our customers a comprehensive solution for managing IT-security infrastructure.

The Stellar Cyber Open XDR platform delivers world-class SOC-as-a-service offerings to its customers It includes a complete set of tools for detecting security threats and automating responses: 1) centralizing, normalizing and enriching data from all existing security systems, 2) performing high-precision detection and automatic correlation of incidents using machine learning, and 3) automated response across the entire attack surface of the organization. Open XDR combines in one license on a single platform the functionality of NG-SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, NDR, network sandbox, IT asset management. Open XDR simplifies security operations by unifying many capabilities such as NG-SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, NDR, TIP, Malware Sandbox and Asset Management on a single platform under a single license. Open XDR can be deployed flexibly anywhere, on premise or in the cloud. The outcome of Open XDR is protecting your enterprise from threats from a single platform versus multiple tools that have weak or non-existent connections band-aiding it all together.

The XDR-solution will be useful for companies looking for simplifying the management of their IT-security infrastructure and improving operational efficiency. The platform’s tightly-integrated toolset and award-winning user interface are extremely helpful for IT-security analysts and SOC teams. It improves security operations productivity by empowering security analysts to kill threats in minutes instead of days or weeks. It greatly reduces enterprise risk by the early and precise identification and remediation of all attack activities, while slashing costs, retaining investment in existing tools and accelerating analyst productivity. Simplification and consolidation of security products reduce the number of licenses, tool training and overall capital required to run a security operations program.

About Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber is an American company, the world’s first developer of the open XDR-platform that easily integrates with various third-party IT-solutions. The main vendor’s product – Open XDR, a next-generation, unified, AI-powered platform gives analysts 360-degree visibility across the entire attack surface using normalized and enriched metadata from any source – network, cloud, endpoints, applications, users and more. It reduces attack detection time from days down to real time – even for smaller teams – giving hackers far less opportunity to compromise servers and networks.