Accellion’s Brand Name is Now Kiteworks

Kiteworks Solution by Accellion is a software platform that singularly qualified to control, protect, and trace all file activity: who sent, what, to whom, and when. By consolidating security across third-party communication channels, the vendor content firewall simplifies complex infrastructure and reduces costs, while improving the user experience.

Accellion has a 20+ year history and as such has made its mark across many customer touchpoints. With such a deep-rooted association, transitioning will be a steady rate of exhaustive updates across theirv ecosystem over the coming weeks and months. Some items customers will notice immediately include a new logo that serves as the creative anchor of the company brand name and brand refresh. Accellion also created a brand style guide that will begin to transform the visual identity of our marketing and sales materials. Our website has a new homepage and URL—

Why change, why now? First of all, it is that Kiteworks is the most associated name with the solution that the company offers to its customers. In addition, Accellion found that spelling, remembering and pronouncing the name Accellion was actually more difficult than anticipated.

And as anyone worth a salt in marketing knows, everything you do should be easy for the customer—from understanding your value to remembering who you are. This and several other conditions made the decision a rather easy one.

Learn more about the benefits of the Kiteworks solution by following the link.

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