Stellar Cyber Open XDR

Stellar Cyber greatly reduces enterprise risk by the early and precise identification and remediation of all attack activities while slashing costs, retaining investments in existing tools and accelerating analyst productivity. The platform also provides effortless deployment of sensors to fill any gap on premise or in the cloud.


  • Integrates with the market leading IT and security tools to collect telemetry, respond directly through tools and distribute data where needed.
  • Collects metadata by own sensors (virtual or HW) from anything – physical, VM, containers, cloud/IaaS, logs, files, applications, users.
  • Automatically normalizes data and enriches it with multiple built-in Threat Intelligence feeds for analysis.
  • Storages large data volumes in cloud native architecture which includes Containers, Kubernetes and NoSQL. The data can be accessed directly through the UI, via a rich set of APIs.
  • Provides data availability via clustering, monitoring, data replication, disaster recovery, warm-standby and data buffering.
  • Allows for fast data search of any content in any field with large volume of stored data.
  • Analyzes the data and detect behavior anomalies using advanced AI Engine and machine learning.
  • Prioritizes detections using MITRE ATT&CK framework and adds new tactics and techniques. Clearly shows external vs. internal attacks.
  • Can be deployed in any infrastructure (on premise, cloud, hybrid).