Pentera Automated Security Validation Platform

Pentera’s platform continuously discovers enterprises’ internal and external attack surfaces and safely validates its readiness against the latest advanced threats. The platform proves the potential impact of exploiting each security gap and prioritizes remediation accordingly.

The solution benefits are:

  • Ongoing security validation allows the prioritization and repair of the most critical security gaps first.
  • Identify the critical security gaps and mitigate risk before it materializes.
  • Minimize cost and dependency on 3rd-party pentesting service.
  • Increase security personnel validation productivity 10X across the entire attack surface.


  • Autonomously maps the organization’s attack surface
  • Runs a vulnerability assessment.
  • Challenges collected organizational credentials.
  • Pentera’s safe malware replicas challenge endpoint devices.
  • Advances with post exploitation steps to create a full attach chain.
  • Validates data leakage protection system and C2 ports.
  • Cleans up the data or code used as part of the test run to leave zero residual footprints.
  • Prioritizes remediation based on the importance of each root-cause vulnerability.

Use Cases

Case of using Pentera for the Healthcare and Security Technology Solution Provider

in detail