OneSpan Mobile Application Shielding

OneSpan Mobile Application Shielding product proactively manages the real threat of sophisticated malware with app shielding and runtime application self-protection (RASP) to effectively detect and stop malicious activities before they do damage.​ It allows the app to securely operate even in potentially hostile environments, such as jailbroken or rooted devices – and only deny service when absolutely necessary.​


  • Seamlessly integrates into a mobile app and is invisible for a user.
  • Impedes reverse engineering by layered protections.
  • Detects whether an attacker has duplicated the app and injected malicious functionality into it. If repackaging is detected, application shielding will render the corrupted app inoperable.
  • Encrypts and obfuscates encryption keys within the app independent of platform protections to add an extra layer of security and protect keys on jailbroken or rooted devices.
  • Detects and prevents overlay attacks.
  • Detects rooting or jailbreaking.
  • Detects and blocks debuggers, emulators, and other tools leveraged by malicious actors.
  • Struggles with hooking capabilities or hooking frameworks by terminating the app before hooking can occur.
  • Detects and blocks keylogging and screen-reading trojans.
  • Has a variety of real-time responses (blocking the execution of injected code, alerting administrators, feeding fraud prevention tools, or terminating the app).
  • Provides contextual data about the security status of the client side that fraud prevention tools can ingest and combine with other inputs to make better risk decisions about a transaction.