OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication

OneSpan Intelligent Adaptive Authentication enables banks and financial institutions to stop more fraud, meet compliance requirements faster, reduce operational costs while providing the best user experience. The solution does this by leveraging high performance cloud and service technologies like orchestration, containers and micro-services along with proven risk analytics, multi-factor authentication and mobile security.


  • Manages multiple authentication methods across digital channels, all driven by an accurate risk score.
  • Supports biometric authentication methods, including fingerprint, facial recognition, and advanced behavioral biometrics.
  • Assesses a variety of mobile data points related to device and mobile app integrity to determine the level of trust.
  • Supports secure out-of-band authentication options like user-friendly SMS and push authentication and patented visual cryptograms for transaction data signing.
  • Has a powerful risk engine that leverages machine learning to extract and score a vast amount of disparate data in real time to detect and prevent ATO fraud.
  • Leverages extensive MFA options like biometrics, SMS authentication, and push authentication to better protect user and account data.
  • Seamlessly integrates with new fraud platforms via a simple API connection.
  • Identifies jailbroken or rooted mobile devices and applies appropriate security measures to dramatically reduce risk.
  • Leverages end-to-end encryption, supporting the highest level of security between the server and mobile device exchanges, including authentication credentials, to fully protect all user and transaction data.


Today, banks are under intense pressure to adopt new strategies to achieve growth and profitability. Banks must provide a convenient and secure user experience to gain customers’ confidence and create a seamless path to new services.

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