Minerva Armor Platform

Minerva’s multi-layer anti-ransomware solution is built to completely prevent ransomware at the earliest and most critical stage of an attack – often months before other solutions can even detect them. Vendor’s patented Simulation Engine breaks the attack chain and prevents the attacks before they can even get started, adding a crucial layer to any security stack.


  • Simulates a hostile environment for malware to force it into hiding and cause it to never deploy.
  • Blocks malicious script-driven attacks (macros, Powershell etc.) that spreads via documents.
  • Blocks memory injection of malicious code into legitimate applications or OS components.
  • Remediates the damage caused by ransomware easily restoring encrypted files.
  • Supports offline environments as well as cloud-based and on-prem deployments.

Use Cases

Minerva Armor Customer Testimonial – Motorola Mobility

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Minerva Armor Family Overview