Logpoint SIEM

How Logpoint SIEM helps Engelbert Strauss stay ahead on the Cybersecurity curve and keep an eye out for anomalies in the IT infrastructure


  • Collects data from all sources (databases, endpoints, IoT devices, firewalls, apps, etc.) in real time.
  • Normalize and classify log events by utilizing unique LogPoint taxonomy.
  • Enriches logs with 3rd party sources such as threat intelligence and routes it based on specified policies.
  • Stores data in repositories by logs types.
  • Advanced data analyses by using its correlation and machine learning.
  • Visualizing data by 400 integrations with pre-built dashboards, searches, alerts, and reports.
  • Self-contained image simplifying deployment either in the Cloud or On-Premise.
  • Scalable deployment options across virtual, cloud and hybrid environments.
  • Monitor and report against compliance standards.
  • Built-in threat and incident management

Use cases

How Logpoint helps Engelbert Strauss track IT anomalies and ensure cybersecurity.

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