GTB Enterprise Data Protection Suite

GTB’s data protection suite is a system that performs real-time data classification of all outbound/inbound transmissions from the network and devices while automatically enforcing security policies on security violations including blocking. The key is to protect the content, not the file. So, if the same content resides in multiple files of different formats, the system must still detect it and enforce actions on the transmission.

The solution provides organizations the overall control and visibility needed to manage advanced threats, analyze data, prevent data loss, enforce compliance while protecting the brand and reputation.


  • Provides complete access control addressing all removable media.
  • Manages detailed file auditing.
  • Offers both online, wireless, and offline protection modes.
  • Includes capabilities of Drip DLP, OCR and Watermark.
  • Controls data of retail POS systems.
  • Only solution supporting accurate partial file match on unstructured “fingerprint” data.
  • Monitors and controls the transfer of files-based usage including number of files, file size.
  • Monitors user behavior using proprietary advanced threat detection
  • Prevents the sharing of data to unauthorized devices or users.
  • Understands, controls, inventories and reports on which files are being copied to USB devices.
  • The system makes comprehensive enterprise reporting possible on file owners, locations, file types. Actual DLP template policies are included in the system.

Use Cases

Case Study: А healthcare insurance enterprise

in detail



Failure of DLP & Next Generation Data Loss Prevention