Forescout CounterACT

Forescout CounterACT is designed to provide secure access to the corporate network for all types of devices, including IoT and OT devices.  The platform provides full visibility of the network, profiles all devices and evaluates them for compliance status. If violations related to devices or their condition are detected, Forescout allows you to apply appropriate measures to these devices in an automated mode-from starting the process of correcting inconsistencies to restricting network access or disconnecting the device from the network. By Forescout CounterACT companies reaches operational efficiency, costs cutting, reducing number of cyber threats, faster and smarter decision-making.


  • Continuously monitors the network and detects all IP-connected devices across the extended enterprise the instant they connect to the network – without requiring agents.
  • Auto-classifies all network devices by their function, type, operating system (including version), vendor, and model.
  • Ensures full visibility of managed and unmanaged network devices by detailed dashboards, graphics, and reports.
  • Gives a real-time asset inventory of all physical and virtual devices – laptops, mobile, IoT, OT, network infrastructure, servers, virtual machines and cloud instances – connected across your campus, data center, cloud and OT networks.
  • Controls network access to enterprise resources based on user profile (guest, employee, contractor), device properties, classification, and security posture (Network Access Control).
  • Segments traffic flows by IP addresses to logical taxonomy of users, applications, services, and devices.
  • Creates, fine-tune, and monitors in real-time policies for each network segment. Responds to policy violations by alarm or/and process activation.
  • Gives extensive integration capabilities with third-party solutions of various classes: SIEM, EDR, CMDB, MDM (UEM), Vulnerability Management systems, NGFW and others.
  • Provides centrally management of settings and configurations of all connected devices in each network segment using a single console.


Fast-Growing UK Fashion Company Relies on Forescout to Expand Visibility, Monitor Device Connectivity and Ease Management.

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