Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications is an agentless, on-demand, antimalware solution that prevents ransomware, zero-day, and unknown malware-infected files before they reach endpoint, server, or storage. The product scans the entire content of a file to provide fast and extremely accurate malicious vs benign decisions in <20ms with <0.1% false positives and an extremely low footprint.

No matter the industry, whether end-user is a large banking institution, online retailer, healthcare, or government organization, its files are a risk. Customer uploads, user downloads, and third-party suppliers transferring files into a company environment leave the organization blind to the content traversing its network.

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications integrates with existing infrastructure to meet the attacker earlier and prevent malware from wherever it attempts to gain access into environment. Deployment flexibility, via REST API or ICAP, allows for simple integration with existing workflows and processes, and customized responses.

The product benefits are:

  • Protect custom web applications by preventing >99% of unknown threats.
  • Scale to scan tens of millions of files per day with very low latency.
  • Maintain full privacy as only the file hash that ever leaves the enterprise.
  • Align workflows with a flexible and programmable API that is operating system and device agnostic.
  • Integrate with and lower infrastructure costs.
  • Reduce risk and easily meet compliance with a prevention-first approach.


  • Is implemented via REST API or ICAP.
  • Scans in-transit files (attempted file downloads from the internet) via ICAP (integrating with web gateways, firewalls & CASB).
  • Scans files via REST API before they reach the endpoint, server, or storage.
  • Deploys flexibly using Docker container.
  • Supports an expansive list of file types scanned.
  • Classifies malware via optional D-Cloud reputation engine.
  • Platform, OS, and device agnostic.
  • Integrates with SIEM and SOAR.

Use Cases

Fortune 50 financial services organization uses Deep Instinct to validate the integrity of millions of application file uploads every day

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