Cloud Suite

With Cloud Suite, organizations minimize their attack surface by establishing trusted machine identities and leveraging corporate identities for authentication, implementing just-in-time privilege with MFA, and securing remote access while auditing everything.


  • Simplifies user authentication to servers from any identity provider, cloud directory, or federation partner including Active Directory, LDAP, Google, Centrify, or Okta.
  • Centrally manages machine identities and their credentials.
  • Quickly secures privileged access for humans and applications with globally defined policies that are centrally managed and enforceable across any environment.
  • Enables to govern privileged access in cloud environment by dynamically distributing policies to elastic infrastructure for enforcement.
  • Multi-factor authentication at login for Linux and Windows systems.
  • Centrally creates and dynamically applies roles and security policies that control privilege across hybrid cloud environments.
  • Automates enforcement of privileged access security policies globally.
  • Delivers MFA for privileged access during system and vault login, password checkout, and privilege elevation with a broad range of built-in and third-party authenticators.
  • Provides a flexible, just-in-time model for privilege access to specific resources.
  • Records, audits, and reports of host-based and gateway sessions. Gives possibility instantly terminate suspicious sessions.
  • Enables adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA) for IT admins who access Windows and Linux systems, elevate privilege, or leverage privileged credentials (additional option).
  • Leverages user behavior analytics on the base of modern machine learning algorithms to carefully analyze a privileged user’s behavior (additional option).


Interval International leverages Delinea to easily Implement least privilege management. Large integration projects and outsourced app development required granular management of privilege. Centrify provides least-access and least-privilege security models for easy implementation across diverse users, systems, and roles.

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