What does Pentera do?

Assure security readiness across your internal and external attack surface…

The Pentera Platform automates the testing of your security controls.
By automating dynamic exploits, we rapidly prove what gaps would do the most immediate and serious harm.

Security teams continue to invest in defensive controls across an organization’s perimeter with the goal of protecting the enterprise and reducing cyber risk. There is, inevitably, a question as to how confident they can really be that these defensive controls are operating as designed, or as the vendors would have them believe.

Moving to an offensive approach, automating safe testing in real-life without affecting business operations, improves cyber resiliency by optimizing the efficacy of defenses and reduces the time-to-remediate.

The critical context of a risk lies in the exploitation of a vulnerability and we can tell you which risk will do the most harm.

Shifting the chore of daily tasks and tests to automation, ensures the validation of your security controls to manage the true exposure of your critical assets.

Automation achieves unprecedented speed and scale

Security practitioners are fast realising that emulating an adversary’s perspective into an organization’s ongoing cyber defense strategy is key to securing the business and maintaining a coherent posture. How useful would it be if you could instantly focus on the most critical risks, not the most numerous weaknesses?

Automation delivers reliability, consistency and accuracy, at speed and scale.

Pentera will help you to achieve enhanced cyber hygiene with our Automated Security Validation™ platform.

See this short video, to learn more:

Validate your security controls.
No agents, no playbooks, no gold images!

Agent-based breach attack simulation tools that need playbooks or gold images introduce an unnecessary overhead.

A hacker doesn’t have agents, playbooks or gold images, so neither does Pentera.

Pentera validates without any prior installation or network configuration, providing security teams with a complete view of their attack surface and security gaps in as little as a day.

Pentera delivers immediate discovery and validation across a distributed and hybrid infrastructure.

Pentera: Internal and External Security Validation

Shift expensive manual tasks and overheads to an automated platform…

Internal. External.
Inside out or Outside in - the attacker doesn't care!

Pentera continuously validates your security readiness against the latest advanced threats. The approach is very simple. From as quickly as one day, prove the potential impact of risk by safely exploiting each security gap, prove the criticality, and then prioritise remediation efforts accordingly.

Omni attack surface coverage is achieved via a single platform that discovers, assesses and exploits both internal and external attack surfaces, to pinpoint real security risk.

Adversaries will always take the path of least resistance to the critical assets. They have a variety of techniques at their disposal to progress an attack, leveraging any vulnerability and its relevant correlations along the way.

Accordingly, the protection methods deployed must beat the adversary – nothing less will do. Offensive security testing needs to go beyond the static vulnerability scan or assumed simulation, to include a full security control testing methodology. This would cover attack emulation frameworks for security controls, vulnerability and credential strength attacks, network equipment testing, privileged access audits, lateral movement steps, and much more.

Pentera Attack Orchestrator

  • Autonomous and Continuous Operation – The Attack Orchestrator identifies the most critical internal risk and the most attractive external assets, those a hacker would attack first.
  • Internal and External Attack Surface Discovery – Pentera 360 maps your entire internal and external attack surface. Using automation to run continuous processes assures security leaders that their organisation’s attack surface is known, accounted for and protected.
  • Emulating Attacker Behavior – Pentera ‘s techniques align to the MITRE ATT&CK matrix and OWASP Top 10 practices, to help security practitioners validate the effectiveness of their security stack against real-life threats.
  • Surgical remediation guidance – Optimize the resource of your security professionals by focusing on high-risk exposures first, guided by remediation workflows and validation practices. Verify that remediation does not open a new attack vector, easily and quickly.

Start in less than one day...

Start in less than one day...

One Day Challenge - put us to the test

We challenge our competition to deliver the same results in just one day!
Pentera delivers the empirical data that proves what your most critical risk is, from day one.

The first day is important, of course, but your security posture needs to protect your business 24×7. Automation is designed to add reliability, consistency and accuracy – at speed and scale – and on a continuous basis.

Quickly prioritize and remediate with confidence

Not all vulnerabilities were created equal, and not all deserve your immediate attention, regardless of what a CVSS ranking would have you think.

Are these vulnerabilities actually a critical risk? Are they exploitable?
How do you know, from a static list, which weakness poses the highest risk?

By dynamically exploiting static vulnerabilities, you can quickly prioritise and remediate with confidence.

Better visibility of meaningful risk prioritization and actionable severity context, leads to a further increase in security efficacy and a reduction in your remediation backlog.

Pentera delivers a real-life risk-weighted view that enables you to prioritise security remediation based on severity, exposure, exploitability, and critical business impact.

One day can make a difference.

MITRE ATT&CK Modelling

Model attacker behaviour by aligning with MITRE ATT&CK

Knowing what the attacker’s next move will be or where the next impactful breach may appear is an ambitious undertaking and mostly beyond the reach of human tasks or time censored teams.

Pentera helps you to achieve this goal by harnessing the capabilities of red and blue team frontline teams, automating the deployment of a broad array of real-life hacking techniques. Our attack frameworks are aligned to MITRE ATT&CK, and contain an ethical exploits arsenal. All built into one easy to deploy solution.

Armed with the attacker’s perspective, you can now automatically expose security attack vectors that would typically take any skilled cyber-security professional days or weeks to uncover, and done without prior knowledge of your network topology.

An example of how Pentera begins to overlay its findings to the ATT&CK framework:

Assured: a program that is safe by design

Production-grade safety is a promise we live by, where multiple safeguards are easily configurable (exploit approvals, range, scope, time, stealth) and rigorous, uncompromising tests are conducted for uptime assurance.

Hundreds of organizations trust Pentera and our do-no-harm policy. We don’t lock out users, there’s no denial-of-service to the network, and there’s no out of scope testing criteria.

Video Case Study

Case Study | Brewdog

A Customer Testimonial by Fraser Brown, Global Head of IT at BrewDog – Craft Beer.

“We needed to get into looking at our penetration testing vulnerability management and understanding what our problems were to plug the gaps… Pentera allows us to do security hardening. If we have new systems coming online. It allows us to prevent as many attack vectors coming into BrewDog as possible.”



Security professionals are continually searching for their real cybersecurity gaps amongst the overload of vulnerability data. It’s easy to accept assumptions as the norm given the inaccurate, stale, and context-lacking data in legacy vulnerability management systems.

With cyber threats evolving ever faster, it is critically important that real vulnerabilities are remediated before they are exploited by a bad actor. While penetration testing services may pinpoint such threats eventually, these services can take too much time, need too much internal resource, and cannot scale in scope or be applied in a continuous and repeatable manner.

Pentera’s Automated Security Validation delivers real exploits, scalable coverage and rapid knowledge of breach exposure, to enable you to focus your team’s resources on fixing the real and most critical security gaps. Not just the static weaknesses.

It’s the natural evolution of exploiting weaknesses in your security posture…

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