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Logpoint provides unified SIEM, SOAR & UEBA solutions that protect IT infrastructure of organizations

Traditional SIEM solutions are expensive, time-consuming, and require expertise to implement, maintain and update.

Logpoint has the only Converged SIEM platform that collects, analyzes, and prioritizes security incidents to help analysts identify and resolve incidents fast and keep businesses safe.

About Logpoint

Award-winning SIEM software – simple, flexible and scalable.

Founded in 2012

Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

300+ employees, incl. 75 engineers

> 1000 end-customers globally

More 1000 organizations around the world trust Logpoint in solving problems faced in today’s threat landscape.

Logpoint Products

Collect, Detect, Analyze, Investigate and Respond – all from a single-pane-of-glass.

Logpoint SIEM


Leverage turnkey threat detection, investigation, and response for more efficient security operations

Logpoint SOAR


Make SOCs efficient with automatic incident detection and response

Logpoint UEBA


Identify anomalous behavior for detection of complex threats

Logpoint Director

Logpoint Director

Take the hassle out of managing your SIEM by simplifying time-consuming tasks

Logpoint SAP

Business-Critical Security for SAP

Bridging the gap between SAP and SIEM


Applied Analytics

Allow non-technical staff the possibility of accessing data analytics capabilities

Logpoint for SAP

64% of SAP systems have been breached during the past 24 months

SAP security is disconnected from the central security strategy. This hampers the ability to efficiently monitor, analyze and spot malicious activity. A security gap like this leaves businesses and organizations more exposed and vulnerable to attacks.

Logpoint BCS provides advanced analytics and orchestration capabilities that are unified in a centralized security platform, allowing a company to effectively detect, manage, and respond to incidents threatening its SAP systems’ compliance, stability, and security.


Platform Capabilities

Logpoint’s SIEM system allows companies to optimize their operational expenses related to IT systems and the related lad on the IT team.

Customer Benefits

Logpoint leverages advanced analytics, accelerated by machine learning, to improve cybersecurity posture and efficiently automate relevant responses to both internal and external threats. It helps:

Optimize SOC operations

  • Prioritize incidents based on risk, helping you know what to focus on so you can reach your goals fast
  • Incident prioritization guides your response to the incidents that matter most, reducing impact from threats

Efficiently threat hunt

  • Easily drill down into incidents
  • Identify patterns and instantly see supporting contextual and raw data
  • Seamless pivot across data sources.
  • Data become easy to navigate and investigate

Faster response

  • Limits the impact of a breach by reducing time to respond
  • Ease the compliance processes with automated reporting
  • Automatic workflows and API integrations to enable workflow to relevant business units

Detecting known unknowns

  • Enables detection of issues which a user would have missed
  • Provides actionable intelligence on behavioral anomalies by users and entities


  • Provide real-time incident mapping and automatically adds relevant contextual information, helping analysts quickly respond to the highest risk activities.

Solution Advantages

With a large variety of SIEM, UEBA & SOAR solutions to choose from, you need to ensure you select the one that best fits your business’ needs. Here’s what makes Logpoint unique:

License model

Pricing is based on nodes rather than EPS or data volume, which gives customers simple, predictable pricing model that doesn’t restrict data use

EAL3+ certification

It’s required by NATO and in critical infrastructure organizations like the military, intelligence agencies, utility companies and telcos

SIEM + SOAR onboard

SOAR is Included in the core license and there is no additional cost.

Ease of use

Logpoint has thousands of predefined reports, alerts and dashboards for a large amount of use cases out-of-the-box. It takes only one week to implement the solution

Free direct support

Logpoint has outstanding free support with 98%+ customer satisfaction

Any log source support

Logpoint integrates with any data source. Custom integrations can be delivered within days

Product Recognitions

Logpoint creates the best SIEM in the world that confirms by gained significant awareness as well as product & service recognitions from research & advisory companies based on their technical knowledge as well as the feedback of vendor customers. Customers continuously rate Logpoint support and services with 98% satisfaction. To learn more, check out the reviews on Gartner’s Peer Insights.

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