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Proofpoint Cited as a Top Vendor in Independent Research Firm Report on Email Security
Proofpoint Receives Among Highest Scores for Data Leak Prevention, Product Strategy and Other Criteria.
Proofpoint Cited as a Top Vendor in Independent Research Firm Report on Email Security
Proofpoint Receives Among Highest Scores for Data Leak Prevention, Product Strategy and Other Criteria.
Самый свежий обзор рынка систем защиты корпоративной электронной почты
Аналитики Forrester присвоили Proofpoint максимальный рейтинг в категории DLP, стратегия развития продуктов, производительность и функциональность.

The Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy suite provides a full lifecycle approach to protecting information of all types.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy protects sensitive and private information, defends against leaks of confidential information and ensures compliance data protection regulations, including HIPAA and GLBA, as well as PCI standards. Proofpoint Encryption, a part of the Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy Suite, can automatically encrypt email based on an organization’s unique policies, mitigating the risks associated with regulatory violations, data loss and corporate policy violations.

Comprehensive privacy protection and data loss prevention

Customizable rules, managed dictionaries and “smart identifiers” automatically scan for non-public information, such as protected health information and personal financial information, and block or encrypt messages as appropriate.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy also keeps valuable corporate assets and data confidential by analyzing and classifying confidential documents. It monitors for that information in the outbound message stream, thereby stopping data leaks before they happen.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy is available as SaaS or on-premises using Proofpoint’s cloud-enabled or virtual appliances.

Full Lifecycle Approach

The requirements of the modern business world are not just about detecting information and blocking it, but utilizing secure methods of communication as a business enabler. A full lifecycle approach to data protection is necessary to effectively tackle today’s data protection needs. Proofpoint addresses these requirements with a four-part defense strategy – Detect, Manage, Respond, and Govern.


Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy uses multiple layers of defenses to protect all types of private information. It analyzes every aspect of an outgoing email message including content, attachments and message attributes; using a variety of techniques to deliver outstanding accuracy with minimal false positives. While the common use case is to filter outgoing email, Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy can also be used to detect sensitive information for inbound traffic.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy analyzes structured data to detect all types of private information—including protected health information and personal financial information—using managed dictionaries and “smart identifiers” through an automated process.

To address intellectual property, Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy employs patent-pending Proofpoint MLX™ machine learning technology to analyze the documents an organization wants to keep confidential by analyzing the information and storing the document’s digital fingerprints in a secure repository.

The power of Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy’s data loss prevention features also cover web-based email and other HTTP streams by integrating with web proxy appliances that support the ICAP protocol. The same content security, regulatory compliance and acceptable use policies defined for SMTP-based communications can be applied to HTTP and HTTPS communications.


Guards against leaks of private and confidential information in email and web protocols with highlyaccurate detection using smart identifiers, managed dictionaries, and advanced machine learning techniques

Smart identifiers and managed dictionaries provide automatically updateable policies for lowest administrative cost and highest accuracy

Customize policies with point-and-click ease

Communicate securely with customers, patients and cardholders using built-in policy-based email encryption 

Easily remediate, track and report on compliance incidents and trends 

Enterprise-class security ensures continuous service and complete security of an organization's data 

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