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Grey Wizard

DDoS Protection

DDoS attack can shut down your business or organization making it unaccessible for users. Grey Wizard protects websites and APIs against all kinds of DDoS attacks.

Web Application Firewall

Intelligent WAF by Grey Wizard protects web applications from attacks mentioned in OWASP Top 10 and others. Thanks to Machine Learning, A.I. and behavioral analysis of users, it can detect very advanced attacks. It models 63 different matrixes of traffic and detects anomalies making it extremely hard to bypass. It decodes Base 64, protects from distributed brute force attacks, etc.

BOT Mitigation

Grey Wizard Shield was originally designed to block BAD BOTs attacks. Grey Wizard stops them from reaching your web infrastructure. The Shield uses a combination of static rules as well as advanced algorithms of Machine Learning and Behavioral Based Anomaly Detection. Thanks to the former technologies it can block even human-like bots.

API Protection

According to Gartner, API will be the most frequent attack vector by 2020. Grey Wizard provides custom-built API protection. It protects API form DDoS attacks and additionally it performs: schema validation, deep inspection of every request, spoofing detection, API Response Analysis and verification, Reputation Analysis. All that to make your API safe.

24/7 Managed Service

Grey Wizard provides to all its clients a 24/7 managed service.


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