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Secure Wi-Fi networks in the Fairmont Hotel
March 16, 2012 - the deal for AirTight was completed; its security solution SpectraGuard was implemented at the first-class hotel, Fairmont Hotel in Baku with the companies headtechnology Azerbaijan and BestComp Group.
Безопасность Wi-Fi сетей в Fairmont Hotel
16 марта 2012 года завершилась сделка по AirTight, решение по безопасности которого SpectraGuard было внедрено в отеле первого класса в Баку мировой сети Fairmont Hotel с помощью компаний headtechnology Azerbaijan и BestComp Group.

The intelligent cognition plane of the Mojo Cloud architecture largely automates WiFi network monitoring and troubleshooting. In the rare occasion where a packet capture is necessary for a deeper analysis, Mojo Packets, the cloud-based visual WiFi packet analyzer, simplifies packet trace analysis via progressive visualization of Wi-Fi connections and visual coding of Wi-Fi frames, providing insights otherwise not readily available when sifting through thousands of packets in Wireshark or similar tools.

Automated Diagnosis

With in-built domain expertise and protocol-level intelligence, Mojo Packets can analyze a packet trace and pinpoint problematic clients and APs, classifying reasons for WiFi client connection failures, e.g., if they are related to WiFi or to a network service such as DHCP or DNS, and highlight clients that may be performing poorly due to poor coverage, low data rate, and high retry rate.

Collaborative Remote Troubleshooting

Using Mojo APs as sensors or using the multi-function 3rd radio, you can capture packet traces at any remote site and have them available in the cloud to download or visualize it in Mojo Packets. And the Automatic Packet Capture feature ensures that you capture the problem when it happens and not just a packet trace. You can tag specific parts of a trace with notes and share them with your team for collaborative troubleshooting.

Vendor-agnostic Pcap Support

With Mojo Packets, you can upload and analyze pcap family of packet traces from virtually any packet capture tool. Integration with Wireshark and AirTool is already available to upload packet traces directly from those tools. The Wireshark plug-in is available here. More information about integrating your packet capture tool of choice with Mojo Packets is available here.

Cloud-based Access

Mojo Packets is a 100% cloud-based and free tool. No expensive appliances or virtual machines are needed onsite. Your packet traces are stored and cached online so that you don't waste time loading and filtering large trace files.

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