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WorksPad is the  integrated enterprise mobile workplace with a unique to mobile world all-in-one approach. It provides an access to corporate file and document resources, file sync & share with editing capabilities, corporate email, contacts and corporate address book, calendars, intranet and internet browsing - all in one application on iOS or Android mobile devices, with enterprise-grade security. With WorksPad by MobilityLab LLC you can perform the same daily office tasks but wherever you like or need in highly productive and secure way.

WorksPad is a best-in-class mobile workplace, which supports the most productive user scenarios for all industries and roles. The on-premise  architecture, independent on any cloud or 3rd party services, secures the direct data exchange between the mobile workplace and corporate IT-infrastructure. User interface reflects traditional PC-like experience, while following the mobile app development guidelines with effective original features.

The main functional components of the unified solution are:

  • Enterprise file sync and share, based on Microsoft SharePoint and file servers to prevent unauthorized upload or download of external content from mobile;
  • Enhanced Outlook-style mobile email client for Microsoft Exchange or Office 365, making easy and simple your work with attachments: you can treat the attached files as you do on PC - add/delete during composing an email, save attached files locally or on enterprise share, open multiple attached file to compare data, copy fragments etc.;
  • Built-in office tools (Polaris office engine by Infraware), allowing read/write files of Microsoft Office format (doc/docx, xls/xlsx, ppt/pptx) and read/annotate pdf-files, as well as view most popular image formats, as well as video;
  • Corporate calendar and address book, a new event/meeting allows attaching and sending files;
  • Screen sharing/file sharing for paperless meetings and direct file transfer from mobile to mobile using modern IoT protocol;
  • Ribbon-like integrated interface, allowing navigation across opened files and emails, similar to switching between windows/applications on PC.

WorksPad is an all-in-one workplace, optimized for solving traditional office tasks. You needn't other apps, so no "open-ins", no sending files from one single app to another, no need to use cloud disks. This approach decreases the risk of data loss. Wiping WorksPad container deletes all the stored enterprise data. Admin web console allows to manage mobile WorksPad clients remotely to set app-level policies and log user activity.

WorksPad provides the following benefits for business:

Mobile accessibility
WorksPad enables easy and secure access to corporate files and mails from any mobile device. It leverages personal productivity by providing seamless workflow outside the employee's office.

Productivity on the road
WorksPad's online and offline easy switching capabilities make your work truly seamless. Time spent in traffic jams, in airports or on the plane or train becomes more useful than ever with or without internet connection.

Easy meetings
The WorksPad cross platform file and screen sharing capabilities let you conduct business meetings on the fly no matter where you are.

Sensitive information security
Organizations can now minimize the risk of sensitive information leaks by giving employees an alternative to untrusted personal services. WorksPad provides transparency and data usage controls, and reduces both the likelihood and the costs associated with data breaches.

Easy controls and administration
WorksPad integrates into the corporate technological landscape, responding to corporate IT and information security requirements.

Risk reduction
Reduce the risks of data leakage - and also the high costs that come with customer data breaches and intellectual property theft, or other breaches of sensitive information.

BYOD benefits
Your organization enjoys the best of BYOD. Your employees can use their favorite devices without compromising IT security.

Paper replacement
WorksPad is an attractive alternative to the conduction of regular meetings involving paper documents. Now, when it's time for the board of directors to convene or for the annual meeting of shareholders you can replace hard copies and handouts with conveniently organized digital files displayed on tablets.

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