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SpectorSoft Is First to Provide Unified View of Employee Activities Across Desktops, Laptops and Corporate-Issued BlackBerry Mobile Devices
SpectorSoft extends its granular monitoring, recording and alerting over all employee activities taking place on devices running Windows and Mac OSs and company-issued BlackBerry smartphones.
SPECTOR 360 7.5 – новая версия лучшего в отрасли решения для мониторинга активности сотрудников
SPECTOR 360 7.5 – единое решение для централизованного мониторинга активности пользователей на Windows, Mac OS и корпоративных BlackBerry смартфонах.
SpectorSoft Wins Best Fraud Prevention Solution in SC Awards Europe 2014
SpectorSoft, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, is pleased to announce it was selected as the Best Fraud Prevention Solution at the SC Awards Europe 2014.

Veriato INVESTIGATOR automatically records emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited, and more on Windows-based servers, PCs, and laptops.

Veriato INVESTIGATOR software is created for detailed investigations of employee computer and Internet activity. Veriato INVESTIGATOR automatically documents and archives everything your employees do on their corporate computers and in the Internet including: visited web sites, IM convercations, emails, periods of work and "playing".

Veriato INVESTIGATOR features automated deployment, remote management tools and will record a wide range of PC activity including Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Keystrokes and Programs used. Veriato INVESTIGATOR also includes our award-winning video-style screen snapshot recording. Veriato INVESTIGATOR is designed for business, education and government users running a Windows based network.

Veriato INVESTIGATOR consists of 4 components

  • Recorder
    The Recorder automatically captures and records all PC and Internet activity, including: Emails sent & received; Web Based Email Services such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc...; Web Site Browsing; Chat and Instant Message Conversations; Keystrokes typed; Applications launched and continuous Snapshot Recording of the PC (much like a surveillance video system).
  • Control Center
    The Control Center is centralized tool for installing, configuring and reviewing the recordings.
  • Data Vault (optional)
    The Data Vault is the tool for centralized secure data storage for archiving all individual PC recordings. The Data Vault collects and organizes the recordings from individual computers to allow for further review by the appropriate personnel.
  • Viewer
    The Viewer provides an interface for best user experiance when reviewing the Veriato INVESTIGATOR recordings, which are organized under tabs labeled by activity: Email, Chat/IM, Keystrokes, Web Surfing, Program Activity and Snapshots. The Viewer has a search option for specific word or phrase within the Veriato INVESTIGATOR recorded data.


Ensure adherence to Internet Acceptable Use Policies

Stop the theft and leakage of sensitive company information

Meet compliance requirements

Increase employee productivity

Reduce company legal liability

Eliminate frivolous and wasteful employee activities

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