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Access Control

  • Control and governance of access to external devices and client environment interfaces
  • Access permission to cloud services
  • Control of all data transmission paths
  • Control of network connections (e.g. WLAN, antibridging, USB network adapters)
  • BadUSB protective measures
  • File filter for blocking certain data formats
  • Whitelisting of external devices
  • Revision security according to Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI conformity

Application Control

  • Black- and whitelisting of applications, Java applets and DLL files
  • End-user invisible control over which programs can be started
  • Protection against execution of unwanted applications, e.g. insufficiently licensed applications, key generators and pirated copies
  • Supports the prevention of malware outbreaks through blocking
  • Simulation mode (demo mode)

Secure Audit

  • Verification of all traffic to and from each endpoint in real time
  • Traceability of the data flow according to EU-DSGVO article 30, 33
  • Protection against misuse and anonymization of audit data (according to personnel/works council conformity)

Insight Analysis

  • Monitoring of all data movements in the corporate network
  • Collects facts about the data protection situation in the network
  • Visualization of all data protection-relevant processes in a clear dashboard
  • Cumulative display of results (user data is anonymized)
  • Automated reporting and email delivery

IntellAct Automation

  • Evaluates data from Insight Analysis and Secure Audit and triggers pre-defined protection measures based on a set of rules
  • Possibility of comparison with normal values to automatically detect anomalies or critical situations and trigger protective reaction
  • Integration with Matrix42 Workflow Studio
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