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Matrix42 helps organizations to digitize their employees’ work environment. Digital Workspace Experience software manages devices, applications, processes and services easily, securely and compliantly. The innovative software seamlessly integrates physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based work environments into existing infrastructures. Its takeover of EgoSecure rounds off Matrix42’s endpoint security portfolio with functions like data encryption, interface and application control and security monitoring. Within 13 years, EgoSecure extended its development experience and built up an international customer base.


The product portfolio consists of the following modules:

ACCESS CONTROL: Monitors and controls access to devices and interfaces in the client environment to prevent risky data flows. Spurious data are blocked.

AUDIT: Logging dtata flows evidences law and compliance breaches and ensures responsible data handling.

DATA LOSS PREVENTION: Data representing the enterprise’s know-how and/or is classified as confidential cannot leave the premises.

APPLICATION CONTROL: Controls which applications may be executed at the endpoint or not.

ANTIVIRUS: Besides a conventional anti-virus function, Post Infection Protection is also featured to block existing viruses.

NEXT GEN ANTIVIRUS: Uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect and disarm zero-day exploits. Stops malware before infection.

Data encryption secures data even outside a network and thus protects them in the case of negligible data loss or theft. The following encryption modules are available:

REMOVABLE DEVICE ENCRYPTION for encrypting data on external storage media such as USB sticks

CLOUD ENCRYPTION for encrypting data in cloud stores

NETWORKSHARE ENCRYPTION for encrypting network folders

FOLDER ENCRYPTION for encrypting local directories

FULL DISK ENCRYPTION with pre-boot authentication (PBA) for encrypting hard disks, also for Windows login extension or bypassing

ENCRYPTION ANYWHERE for iOS and Android to enable mobile access to encrypted data

MAIL ENCRYPTION for the secure design of email communication


EgoSecure Data Protection

Access Control

  • Control and governance of access to external devices and client environment interfaces
  • Access permission to cloud services
  • Control of all data transmission paths
  • Control of network connections (e.g. WLAN, antibridging, USB network adapters)
  • BadUSB protective measures
  • File filter for blocking certain data formats
  • Whitelisting of external devices
  • Revision security according to Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI conformity
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