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Secure Enterprise Messaging

Teamwire is a fast, intuitive and secure enterprise messaging app. Teamwire solves the WhatsApp problem of businesses, increases productivity and improves team communication in the messaging era.

Users can send 1:1 and group messages, and exchange photos, videos, voice messages, locations, calendar dates, files and much more.

Teamwire fully complies with strong European data protection and the GDPR, and is a completely encrypted solution. The service can be easily managed for the whole enterprise and ensures company-wide compliance.

Key Benefits

  • Improved team communication.
  • Faster and easier information exchange.
  • Strong data protection and security.
  • Professional administration and compliance.
  • Comprehensive integration in IT ecosystem.

Primary Use Cases

  • Real-time messaging to quickly coordinate and make decisions.
  • Topic-specific group chats and permanent team channels.
  • Quick information exchange of news, knowledge and ideas.
  • Sharing of digital content (e.g. photos and videos) improves the communication.
  • Easy information exchange between mobile and desktop workers.
  • Alerting of employees and crisis communication.
  • Quick regional and company-wide information delivery.

Typical Customer Needs

  • Seeking a “WhatsApp for enterprise”.
  • Improving the collaboration and communication of teams.
  • Empowering an increasingly “mobile” workforce.
  • Protecting enterprise data and communication.


Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac, and deployment as private cloud or on-premise solution.


Enterprise messaging

Teamwire is a fast and easy to use app to serve all enterprise messaging needs. The app provides a compelling set of features to improve the communication with colleagues and teams. Users can send 1:1 and group messages, post status updates to teams, exchange video and voice messages, and share files, calendar dates, photos and much more.

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