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Access and collaborate securely with enterprise content from any mobile device – without a VPN.

Secure BYOD Solutions

Improving productivity and supporting the growing mobile workforce through secure BYOD solutions is a high priority for most enterprises and government agencies.

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BYOD solutions need the capability to separate corporate data from personal device data. With the kiteworks secure collaboration platform and solutions, enterprises and government agencies can achieve secure BYOD with an agentless approach to separate enterprise content from personal data. All enterprise content is protected by a secure mobile container as well as unique security controls, such as selective remote wipe, app whitelisting, IP restrictions, view-only privileges, and watermarking.

Enterprise users can access and collaborate securely with content across all mobile devices-without a VPN. To enable secure content collaboration across all devices, kiteworks mobile apps include integrated editing capabilities to create and edit Microsoft Office documents, and annotate PDFs. Besides BYOD, kiteworks has a broad set of mobile collaboration and productivity capabilities.

Key BYOD Features and Capabilities


  • The kiteworks mobile apps have a secure container that ensures sensitive content used on the device cannot be accessed by other applications, or copied outside kiteworks by the user. To ensure malware or malicious users cannot access the content, the container uses 256-bit encryption for data at rest and in motion. When a BYO device is stolen or the employee leaves the company, the admin can remotely wipe the content contained in kiteworks without affecting the user's personal content elsewhere on the device.
  • For sensitive documents that users cannot be allowed to copy or save outside IT's control, kiteworks provides productivity tools that keep the content secure. The admin controls which apps are whitelisted for "open-in" actions. If the admin or content manager completely locks down access to external editors and viewers, users remain productive by using kiteworks' own viewer and editor. It lets the user view, create, edit, and save Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PPT) documents, and view or annotate PDFs, without having to move data outside of the kiteworks secure container.
  • Owners and managers of content can prevent leaks by specifying which users are allowed to take documents outside kiteworks, which can only edit them within kiteworks, which are only allowed to view them, and which can only view them with a watermark to discourage screenshots.
  • Enable users of BYO devices to take sensitive photos and upload them directly to kiteworks or ECMs, without storing them on the device.
  • Users can sync files so they are accessible when offline, such as when working on a location without cellular service. These corporate files are stored in the secure container, and are subject to remote wipe.
  • Owners and managers of content can push files to users' devices, so it is always available when they are offline. These corporate files are stored in the secure container, and are subject to remote wipe.
  • Configure integration with Mobile Device Managers (MDMs) from MobileIron and Good.



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