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SpectorSoft Is First to Provide Unified View of Employee Activities Across Desktops, Laptops and Corporate-Issued BlackBerry Mobile Devices
SpectorSoft extends its granular monitoring, recording and alerting over all employee activities taking place on devices running Windows and Mac OSs and company-issued BlackBerry smartphones.
SPECTOR 360 7.5 – новая версия лучшего в отрасли решения для мониторинга активности сотрудников
SPECTOR 360 7.5 – единое решение для централизованного мониторинга активности пользователей на Windows, Mac OS и корпоративных BlackBerry смартфонах.
SpectorSoft Wins Best Fraud Prevention Solution in SC Awards Europe 2014
SpectorSoft, the leading provider of insider threat detection solutions, is pleased to announce it was selected as the Best Fraud Prevention Solution at the SC Awards Europe 2014.

Veriato 360 is comprehensive user-based Activity Monitoring software that allows IT professionals, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, and General Managers to monitor, replay, and analyze all user, department, and division electronic activity.

Veriato 360 features automated deployment, remote management tools and will record a wide range of activity including Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Online Searches, Keystrokes and Programs used. Veriato 360 also includes our award-winning video-style screen snapshot recording. With Veriato 360 you can generate high-quality management reports of your findings that can be printed or emailed on a regular basis.

Veriato 360 is designed for business, education and government users with networked Mac and Windows computers IT professionals, Risk Officers, and HR staff have more worries than ever: insider theft, inappropriate communications, inefficient processes, employee investigations, and compliance requirements. These pressing issues demand a reliable, automated, advanced technology capable of showing user, department, and division activity no matter where the users are or what devices they are using. Veriato 360, the de facto corporate User Activity Monitoring solution, addresses these issues and meets this demand.

Veriato 360 monitors, captures, and analyzes ALL user and user group activity including: email sent and received, chat/IM, websites visited, applications/programs accessed, web searches, file transfers, and data printed or saved to removable devices.

Veriato 360 features automated, remote installation of the Mac client.


Track and enforce electronic acceptable use policies
Highlight unexpected, aberrant, or unsanctioned events and trends. Focus on those areas to determine if one person or a group of persons was in¬volved, if the events were accidental or on purpose, a result of good or bad behavior, poor training, or outdated or inefficient process.

Protect valuable intellectual property
Identify Intellectual Property theft and the loss of Company Confidential information, two increasingly prevalent security threats. Using easy-to-read charts and graphs or instant alerts, see if users access, transfer, or print source code, product designs, customer lists, or contact information.

Identify security breaches and risks
Protect against ‘The Rise of the Cybercriminal.’ Use Veriato 360 to review overall security risk surrounding use of removable media, peer-to-peer ap-plications, surfing of inappropriate or malicious websites, and the download of suspect or copyrighted files.

Monitor and audit compliance requirements
Whether your compliance needs concern Rule 17a-4, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, SEC, NASD, or CIPA, Veriato 360 will help you meet or exceed compliance requirements by seamlessly maintaining records of communications and transactions.

Benchmark user productivity
Improve efficiency and productivity by seeing if they are properly trained, have access to the right tools, and are following the best processes and procedures. Are users or groups using outdated work methods or ignoring departmental directives? Veriato 360 shows you ‘how they do it.’

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