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Help ensure authenticity of every user to every application through integrated Single Sign-on, Multi-factor Authentication, Workflow and Lifecycle Management and Mobility Management capabilities. Verifying the User is a core pillar within Centrify’s Zero Trust Security approach and centers around the notion that the identity of every user needs to be verified before granting access to a resource. Application Services supports both internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).

Strengthen Security and Simplify Authentication

Centrify Application Services enables one-click access to cloud, mobile and on-premises applications using a single digital identity for every user. No more password sprawl, no more password fatigue. Deploy Centrify in minutes with thousands of pre-configured applications, generic templates of all major authentication protocols or with Infinite Apps.

Automate Identity Management

From the day they start to the day they depart, manage application access from a single directory such as Active Directory, LDAP or an HR system. Route and log application requests with workflow approval while automatically provisioning and de-provisioning application access and enrolled and un-enrolling mobile devices from a central control point.

Automatically Grant Access. Automatically Remove Access. Instantly.

Enforce Strong Authentication Controls with Risk-Aware MFA

Govern access to applications with pre-defined context and risk aware access control policies. Increase security without impacting productivity by only challenging a user with MFA or blocking application access when abnormal and risky behavior is detected. Leverage analytics and machine learning for real-time risk detection and access enforcement while leveraging an array of authentication methods, such as SMS, email, OTP, and FIDO U2F security keys to ensure user authenticity.

Prevent Unauthorized Access. Increase Identity Assurance. Protect Data.

Simplify Access from Validated, Mobile Devices

Improve productivity and enable easy access with zero-sign-on to mobile applications while ensuring the validity and security of mobile device. Minimize IT time with self-service device enrollment, ensure mobile devices meet security policy with hundreds of test security configurations available, automatically deploy mobile applications and more. Protect lost or stolen devices with remote locate, lock, wipe and enroll pull it all back when devices are lost or stolen.

Enable mobility. Maintain IT control. One solution.

Limit Access with Dedicated, Per-app Gateway

Traditional VPNs provide external users with full network access, which is a big security risk. With App Gateway, only specific on-premises applications are made available through a dedicated encrypted connection for external users. This reduces the attack surface exposed by a VPN while also eliminating the setup and management complexities of a VPN solution.

Secure access. Without VPN. Easy control.


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