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Blue Coat provides secure Internet access for employees in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel
Another project for the comprehensive security of corporate Internet network access with the help of BlueCoat has successfully completed in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel.
Blue Coat обеспечит безопасный доступ в интернет для сотрудников Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel
В Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel успешно завершился очередной проект по обеспечению комплексной безопасности корпоративного доступа в сеть интернет с помощью оборудования компании BlueCoat.
Blue Coat Introduces Industry’s Most Robust Security Solution for Enabling Mobile Applications and Devices in the Extended Enterprise
New Service Gives Employees the Access They Want; Provides Businesses with the Security They Need.

Blue Coat MACH5 delivers the flexibility, power and speed you need for today’s business critical applications.

By combining specialized optimization features, including protocol acceleration, compression, caching and QoS, MACH5 dramatically improves the performance of file transfers, backups, email, databases, video, and cloud applications. And MACH5 is uniquely able to deliver this performance across an IPv4 or IPv6 environment. MACH5 deploys at the network core and at the branch to assure every user, everywhere experiences the application performance they expect.

  • Protocol Optimization
    Accelerate application performance by mitigating the penalties that latency imposes on inefficient protocols or applications originally architected for the LAN and running on the WAN
  • Object Caching
    Dramatically accelerate web application and workflows that depend on centrally- stored files by delivering remote content locally in the branch
  • Byte Caching
    Reduce the effects of latency, and significantly reduce bandwidth consumption for repetitive data elements, even across disparate applications, transmitted over the WAN
  • Compression
    Reduce the effect of latency, and reduce bandwidth consumption for any compressible data transiting the WAN
  • Bandwidth Management
    Ensure productivity by prioritizing enterprise- critical data flows over bulk-data or recreational traffic
  • Video Optimization
    Stream splitting, video pre-population and video caching can save up to 99.99% of bandwidth
  • Mobile User Optimization
    Productivity enhancement for mobile and home users with Blue Coat  ProxyClient

Support for multiple protocols

  • HTTP, CIFS, SSL, FTP, Encrypted MAPI, MAPI, P2P, MMS, RTMP, RTMPE, RTSP, QuickTime, SCPS, TCP-Tunnel, DNS
  • Provide LAN-like application performance to remote users and branch offices
  • Deliver outstanding performance for streaming audio, video and other rich media applications
  • Bandwidth management on all acceleration services
  • Accelerate live and on-demand rich media, as well as SSL-encrypted traffic
  • Control encrypted traffic for all users and applications inside and outside the enterprise
  • Reduce recurring network bandwidth costs with multiple levels of compression and content caching

Platform highlights:

  • Secure object-based operating system with small footprint
  • High-speed caching with advanced object pipelining and adaptive refresh
  • Built-in pass-through network card, compression services, bandwidth management and SSL off loading

Network functionality including:

  • Active/Active bridging support using virtual IP addressing for failover and remote installations
  • Completely transparent when tunneling applications between appliances, maintaining IP and port information for traffic management
  • Native support for advanced clustering for near limitless scalability, without additional load balancing appliances
  • Routing configurations for gateway, route tables, RIP, DNS, and WCCP, with support for asymmetric routing of application delivery tunnels
  • Health checks performed on a forwarding host or external servers to verify status and availability of device
  • View & submit service requests via the Blue Coat management interface
  • Send snapshots (trace files) to Blue Coat Support Services for faster resolution

Powerful management interface

  • Web-based management interface
  • Optional command line interface
  • Alerting via SNMP, SMTP and logging administrative events

Content Policy Language (CPL)

  • Create custom text-based policies to address unique policy requirements
  • Definable triggers and actions for policy definition

Extended Management with Director

  • Distribute, backup, restore policy files for multiple ProxySG appliances
  • Manage policies by device, group, or region
  • Job scheduling/job status reporting

Management & Control of ProxyClient

  • Configure, provision and maintain global deployment of ProxyClient
  • Upgrade client versions seamlessly with auto version detection and update

Default logging

  • HTTP, HTTPS, CIFS, Encrypted MAPI, MAPI, FTP, TCP-Tunnel, P2P, ICP, Windows Media, Real Media, QuickTime, DNS
  • Global log file limits and upload sizing
  • Client upload settings and scheduling

Custom logging and trace files

  • Selectable fields/text/log formats


  • Bandwidth Gain
  • HTTP/HTTPS/FTP history
  • Streaming history
  • Resources

SNMP Support

  • Trap settings, community strings


  • Reporter dashboard - intuitive console that provides a “drill-down” overview of web activity
  • 50 + pre-defined reports track user activity, security risks, and web traffic performance
  • Secure browser access/role- based viewing
  • Provides real-time reporting with continuous log uploads from one or more ProxySG appliances
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