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Lumension Announces the Completed Acquisition of CoreTrace Corporation
Acquisition strengthens Lumension's software capabilities, patent/IP portfolio and leadership in the application control space.
Lumension успешно поглотил CoreTrace Corporation
Результатом сделки станет расширение числа патентов и технологий и укрепление лидерских позиций Lumension на рынке средств контроля запуска приложений.
Rise of Mobile Devices, Advanced Persistent Threats and Third-Party Applications are Top Pain Points in 2013, New Study Finds
Fourth annual State of Endpoint Risk study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Lumension reports major concerns over increasing security risks.

Lumension Scan, a component of Lumension Vulnerability Management, is a complete stand-alone, network-based scanning solution that performs a comprehensive external scan of all devices connected to your network, both managed and unmanaged.

Lumension Scan is a complete stand-alone network-based scanning solution that performs a comprehensive assessment of all the devices connected to your network, both managed and unmanaged. Once all assets are identified Lumension Scan detects weaknesses on these devices before they can be exploited.

Lumension Scan provides:

  • Complete identification and inventory of all devices on the network
  • Accurate scans of all devices for software and configuration-based vulnerabilities
  • Risk-based prioritization of identified threats
  • Continuously updated vulnerability database for orderly remediation
  • Actionable reports of scan results


Ensures proactive risk management

Delivers complete visibility of all it assets

Provides actionable information for orderly remediation

Delivers one solution for complex environments

Reduces IT operating costs

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