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Blue Coat provides secure Internet access for employees in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel
Another project for the comprehensive security of corporate Internet network access with the help of BlueCoat has successfully completed in Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel.
Blue Coat обеспечит безопасный доступ в интернет для сотрудников Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel
В Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel успешно завершился очередной проект по обеспечению комплексной безопасности корпоративного доступа в сеть интернет с помощью оборудования компании BlueCoat.
Blue Coat Introduces Industry’s Most Robust Security Solution for Enabling Mobile Applications and Devices in the Extended Enterprise
New Service Gives Employees the Access They Want; Provides Businesses with the Security They Need.

Blue Coat WebFilter Controls web access and stops the latest web threats in real time.

Blue Coat WebFilter, with its cloud-connected architecture and inputs from a worldwide community of users, is best-in-class for web threat protection. Blue Coat WebFilter protects user productivity, blocks malware downloads and web threats, and enables compliance. WebFilter is continuously updated by the WebPulse collaborative defense that detects hidden malware and provides reputation and web content analysis.

WebFilter provides deep analysis ratings on more than 300 million daily web requests by leveraging the WebPulseTM cloud defense, which provides more than seven billion ratings per day from 70+ million users. As a result, WebFilter can effectively block malware downloads, web threats, botnets calling home, keyloggers and more. It can also automatically deliver security updates via ProxyClient – no software downloads required. To address web content not classified in WebFilter, each WebFilter license includes Dynamic Real-Time Rating (DRTR), a patented technology that rates and categorizes Web content in real time.

WebFilter, powered by the WebPulse collaborative defense, is available both on proxy appliances and a web security SaaS. It enables businesses to protect their users and networks from web-based malware including APTs, spyware, phishing, P2P, streaming traffic, and other attacks.

WebPulse is 100% user driven for relevance creating an unmatched real-time web content rating service, and uses Dynamic Link Analysis (DLA) to check popular websites for attack injections and search engine results for bait pages, both leading to Web threats via dynamic links. WebPulse provides cloud intelligence to ProxySG appliances, and to ProxyClient and K9 Web Protection remote clients. You can also identify and control popular web applications by setting policies through the WebFilter web application policy engine. WebFilter is the next generation of web filtering by combining URL filtering and anti-malware technologies together in a collaborative defense.


Awareness & Response:

  • Blocks malware, web threats, fake software updates, fake AV offers, phishing offers and botnets or keyloggers calling home
  • Blocks only web threats using DLA inspection, allowing users access to popular websites and avoiding over blocking
  • Provides web 2.0 filtering for mashed- up or customized web portals, blocking panels and dynamic content per policy settings
  • Provides coverage in over 50 languages using proprietary machine analysis knowledge algorithms and human raters

Accuracy & Relevance

  • WebFilter analyzes objection able content, within image searches, cached content, and translation services for accurate ratings and compliance with its real-time rating service
  • Extend WebFilter with custom categories, plus ProxySG supports up to four URL lists enabling global, regional and local filtering possibilities, including child protection
  • WebFilter provides reputation ratings so policy controls can opt for inline threat analysis, or blocking downloads such as drive-by installers and executables from these sites
  • Proxy Avoidance protection comes from WebFilter ratings plus ProxySG controls for user-agents and invalid SSL session controls

Dynamic Cloud Protection

  • Real-time input of any new web links or content to the cloud analysis centers (web gateway participation is optional, with on, off or passive mode settings)
  • Immediate cloud analysis of new web links using proactive machine analysis, a bank of anti-malware engines, web hunters, human raters, active script analysis, and sandboxing
  • WebFilter master cloud database updates to immediately protect all cloud connected web gateways and clients with new ratings
  • WebFilter is continuously updated by WebPulse cloud analysis using a DLA architecture that is unmatched by any other URL filtering solution
  • WebPulse and DLA define the next generation of URL filtering for web 2.0 content and dynamic links.

Effectiveness and Security

  • Provides web 2.0 protection and content ratings with cloud awareness from a global user community and an array of threat prevention technologies in the cloud and on the web gateway
  • WebFilter database contains millions of website ratings representing billions of web pages, covering more than 50 languages, and organized into 80 useful categories.
  • Downloads and patch cycles are no longer required as web gateways and remote clients are cloud connected for immediate protection with rating updates
  • Offers leading edge web 2.0 defense by uniting URL filtering with threat analysis in a cloud architecture to rapidly find hidden malware downloads, fake software updates, scamware and phishing attacks 

Reporting and Visibility

Extend WebFilter with Blue Coat Reporter to provide visibility and governance verification of web filtering policies:

  • Performance of up to 10B log lines for over 150,000 users using an optimized custom database
  • WebFilter, Reporter and ProxyClient combine to create an unmatched enterprise filtering solutio


Helps enforce corporate security policies

Blocks the latest versions of web threats

Allows multiple categories per site for accuracy

Detects bait pages that lead to web threats

Rates 7B requests per day and protects 75M users

Includes ProxyClient for remote user web filtering

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