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Lumension Announces the Completed Acquisition of CoreTrace Corporation
Acquisition strengthens Lumension's software capabilities, patent/IP portfolio and leadership in the application control space.
Lumension успешно поглотил CoreTrace Corporation
Результатом сделки станет расширение числа патентов и технологий и укрепление лидерских позиций Lumension на рынке средств контроля запуска приложений.
Rise of Mobile Devices, Advanced Persistent Threats and Third-Party Applications are Top Pain Points in 2013, New Study Finds
Fourth annual State of Endpoint Risk study conducted by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Lumension reports major concerns over increasing security risks.

Lumension Application Control provides complete malware protection and increases IT and end-user productivity by preventing any unknown, un-trusted or malicious applications from executing.

With Lumension Application Control, IT administrators can quickly identify all applications running in their environment and enforce a comprehensive whitelist policy that prevents unauthorized applications, malware and un-trusted change. Lumension Application Control overcomes the traditional challenges associated with stand-alone, point application control products through innovative features that add both whitelist management flexibility and ease-of-use all enabled within the Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite, which integrates Lumension Application Control with Lumension Patch and Remediation and Lumension AntiVirus to deliver a powerful and innovative application whitelisting solution, Lumension Intelligent Whitelisting.

Lumension Application Control provides:

  • Comprehensive application visibility across your entire endpoint environment to identify and eliminate IT risk, as well as software conflicts that impact productivity and TCO.
  • Quick definition of application whitelist policies by taking a snapshot of the endpoint environment to establish baseline application whitelist policies and then optimizing policies before deployment by running in a monitor-log only mode.
  • Effective enforcement of application whitelist policies, rather than relying on self-policing.
  • Automatic security from zero-day attacks, without waiting for the latest vulnerability patches or an anti-virus.
  • Complete protection at all times by effectively preventing the installation and use of unauthorized software and the introduction and execution of malicious code - whether or not the endpoint is online or offline.
  • Increased productivity and reduced endpoint TCO by improving the stability and performance of the network environment and minimizing operational support costs, such as IT help desk calls and endpoint reimages.
  • Enforcement policies that reduce local admin account risk and ensure standardized system configurations to enable only trusted and authorized applications to run – without taking away local admin rights.


Prevents Known and Unknown Threats

Blocks Targeted Malware and Zero-Day Attacks

Enforces Trusted Application Environment

Improves PC and Server Availability 

Reduces Endpoint Security TCO 

Integrates with Antivirus and Patch Management 

Tools for Defense-in-Depth 

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