Centrify is a recognized global leader in the field of privileged access management (PAM). Centrify solutions allow you to unify accounts, perform auditing for local and cloud Windows, Linux and UNIX systems and business applications. Centrify provides centralized AD-based access and privilege management for all Linux, UNIX, and Windows machines. The presence of a built-in multi-factor authentication mechanism provides an additional level of protection when accessing target systems.


Centrify Cloud Suite

Cloud Suite is the solution that empowers organizations to globally govern privileged access through centrally managed policies dynamically enforced on the server - across elastic Windows and Linux workloads.

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Centrify Server Suite

Centrify Server Suite is the cross-platform Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution that unifies policy management for Windows, Linux, and UNIX within Active Directory.

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Centrify Vault Suite

Centrify Vault Suite securely governs privileged access to shared accounts and credentials, application passwords and secrets, as well as secure remote sessions.

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