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Blue Coat Systems is a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions. Blue Coat offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere. Founded in 1996, Blue Coat provides products to more than 15,000 customers worldwide, including 88% of the Fortune Global 500.

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Blue Coat CacheFlow

The Blue Coat CacheFlow appliance enables service providers like you to manage dramatic increases in network traffic and subscriber growth. Utilizing highly effective Web caching technology, CacheFlow appliances save bandwidth on expensive international links and backhaul traffic, while improving the end-user Web experience. Through a scalable architecture of cache farms, service providers can accelerate the delivery of rich Web 2.0 content, large files and video. This significantly reduces infrastructure costs by controlling bandwidth consumption while improving customer satisfaction.

Blue Coat Cloud Service

The Web Security Module of the Blue Coat Cloud Service provides market-leading web protection to organizations of all sizes without updating appliances, servers or user desktops. The Web Security Module is an Internet-delivered service that leverages Blue Coat’s proven technology and collaborative, cloud-based community of over 70 million users to ensure real-time protection against known and unknown web-borne threats. With extensive web application controls and detailed reporting features, the Web Security Module enables administrators to create and enforce granular policies that are instantly applied to all covered users, including fixed locations and roaming users.

Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention

Blue Coat Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables you to detect and block potential data leaks quickly and accurately, all while achieving industry and regulatory compliance and risk mitigation objectives. Blue Coat DLP can help you maintain comprehensive security policies with minimal management overhead. You can also leverage powerful discovery capabilities to identify sensitive and unsecured information on your network before it gets into the wrong hands. With Blue Coat, you can quickly and easily deploy and maintain enterprise-class data loss prevention as a separate product or as part of the Blue Coat Application Delivery Network. As a result, you can achieve the right balance between your productivity, cost and security requirements.

Blue Coat FileThreat BLADE

Blue Coat ThreatBLADES deliver a comprehensive solution that integrates with the award-winning Security Analytics Platform by Solera, a Blue Coat Company and Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance to unify blocking and enforcement, big data security analytics, threat intelligence and security visibility

Blue Coat MACH5

Blue Coat MACH5 delivers the flexibility, power and speed you need for today’s business critical applications. By combining specialized optimization features, including protocol acceleration, compression, caching and QoS, MACH5 dramatically improves the performance of file transfers, backups, email, databases, video, and cloud applications. And MACH5 is uniquely able to deliver this performance across an IPv4 or IPv6 environment. MACH5 deploys at the network core and at the branch to assure every user, everywhere experiences the application performance they expect.

Blue Coat MailThreat BLADE

Blue Coat ThreatBLADES deliver a comprehensive solution that integrates with the award-winning Security Analytics Platform by Solera, a Blue Coat Company and Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance to unify blocking and enforcement, big data security analytics, threat intelligence and security visibility.

Blue Coat PacketShaper

Unmatched auto-detection of both applications and Web content categories makes Blue Coat PacketShaper a complete visibility and control solution for today’s Web-heavy traffic. PacketShaper lets you measure network application performance, categorize and manage Web traffic based on its content, guarantee quality-of-service (QoS) for preferred applications and content, and contain the impact of undesirable traffic.

Blue Coat ProxyAV

Blue Coat ProxyAV offers advanced malware detection at the gateway as part of the Application Delivery Network (ADN) infrastructure that provides complete application visibility, acceleration and security. ProxyAV appliances are designed for use with Blue Coat ProxySG Full Proxy appliances to provide in-line threat protection and malware scanning of Web content at the gateway, as part of Blue Coat’s layered security defense. The unique, high-performance architecture of ProxyAV combined with leading anti-malware engines efficiently secure Web traffic and protect users from Web-based malware. Together, ProxyAV and ProxySG provide superior performance and the lowest hardware footprint, resulting in a more green and cost-effective solution. Protect your users and network from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other forms of malicious content — even extending protection to users who are not running anti-virus software.

Blue Coat ProxyClient

As part of the Application Delivery Network (ADN), Blue Coat ProxyClient secures remote users and small branch offices from today’s rapidly evolving Web threats, while accelerating network applications up to 35 times for greater productivity. Leveraging Blue Coat’s Acceleration Edition technology, ProxyClient delivers email, critical file transfers, and networked applications with LAN-like performance. And ProxyClient works with Blue Coat WebPulse cloud service to mitigate threats from malicious Web content, social networking, manipulated search engine results and even the dynamic links placed on popular Web sites by injections or other attacks.

Blue Coat ProxySG

Blue Coat ProxySG Full Proxy Edition appliances are the foundation of an Application Delivery Network (ADN) that provides complete application visibility, acceleration and security. To support the ADN, ProxySG delivers a scalable proxy platform architecture to secure Web communications and accelerate the delivery of business applications. ProxySG enables flexible policy controls over content, users, applications and protocols and is the choice of more than 80% of the Fortune Global 500.

Blue Coat Reporter

Blue Coat Reporter gives managers powerful visibility into all web-related user activity. Beyond URL filtering, Reporter provides customizable, at-a-glance dashboards and reports along with intuitive drill-down capabilities making it an invaluable part of security, compliance, bandwidth management, and other business critical efforts necessary in today’s competitive environment. Reporter quickly processes robust log data from Blue Coat ProxySG, WebFilter, ProxyClientTM, and ProxyAVTM, and creates intuitive reports for security specialists, department managers, HR managers, and network administrators. Blue Coat Reporter provides the ultimate solution for complete Web visibility and control.

Blue Coat WebThreat BLADE

Blue Coat ThreatBLADES deliver a comprehensive solution that integrates with the award-winning Security Analytics Platform by Solera, a Blue Coat Company and Blue Coat Malware Analysis Appliance to unify blocking and enforcement, big data security analytics, threat intelligence and security visibility.

Security Analytics Appliances

Integrated and pre-installed with Solera Security Analytics Software, Security Analytics Appliances are the industry’s standard for delivering Big Data security analytics and advanced threat protection.

Security Analytics Software

The industry’s first and only software-based solution for Big Data Security, delivering unprecedented visibility and threat detection on industry-leading hardware.

Security Analytics Virtual Appliance

The first and only virtual appliance for Big Data security analytics, delivering unprecedented visibility and threat detection for any virtual environment.

Blue Coat Case Study: "Mobile TeleSystems"

Mobile TeleSystems OJSC – MTS for short – is the leading telecommunication solutions provider in offering mobile and fixed voice, broadband, pay TV as well as content and entertainment services in one of the world‘s fastest growing regions. Including its subsidiaries, as of December 31, 2011, the group serviced over 100 million mobile subscribers in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan,...

Blue Coat Case Study: "TNT"

Background TNT N.V., through its two divisions, Express and Mail, is part of the global transportation and distribution industry, and dedicated to providing delivery solutions to its customers. The global transportation and distribution business is a vast industry which is estimated to be worth over US$3,500 billion. TNT serves more than 200 countries and employs around 160,000 people. Over 2009...

K9 web protection

Blue Coat K9 Web Protection is a content filtering solution for your home computer. It implements the same reliable Web filtering technology used world wide by enterprise and government customers, providing a user-friendly experience that allows you to control Internet use in your home.

Blue Coat Labs Report: Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are well-researched and highly coordinated attacks designed to circumvent technical, procedural and user training defense mechanisms. Unlike mass-market malware attacks, APTs are not crimes of opportunity. They are targeted, specialized attacks against specific organizations or groups, and typically blend a broad range of common malware, phishing, hacking, spying and other tools together in a well-orchestrated operation

The Benefits of a Hybrid Security Architecture

Cloud computing has become a viable model for a multitude of IT requirements. In some cases, large organizations purchase cloud-based CPU cycles on an as-needed basis for test, development, and batch processing using Infrastructure-as-aService (IaaS) offerings from vendors like Amazon, Rackspace, and Terremark. Other times they simply outsource an entire application, handing email to Google, CRM to, or payroll to ADP.

The WebPulse Collaborative Defense

With WebPulse we have the mechanism to share intelligence contributed anonymously into the cloud, and deliver more accurate ratings and protection, more rapidly, back to the community that uses Blue Coat web security products powered by WebPulse.

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