The Mojo cloud managed platform enables a complete workflow for wireless access, security and engagement that leverages a purpose-built cloud architecture to produce enterprise-grade wireless networks for every application required, and ensures high reliability through an approach that is automated, scalable, secure and cost effective.

Built with the latest cloud technology and innovations that overcome the limitations of older cloud, controller-less and controller-based solutions, the Mojo Cloud delivers simplicity, reliability, security, scalability and extensibility without compromising on the advanced features expected of an enterprise-grade WiFi solution. And if that wasn't enough, it enables the industry's first cognitive WiFi solution and freedom from high-margin hardware.

The only vendor offering fully integrated futures in a single platform.

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AirTight Planner

Quickly Plan for Wireless LAN Coverage Planning a wireless LAN network can be a time consuming endeavor involving a manual site survey process, marking up floor plans, and tedious recording of the measurement data at each step of the way. Invisibility and the uncertainty of RF propagation can make wireless LAN planning a complex task, especially as the size of wireless LAN deployments are increasing. With AirTight Planner, the job becomes much easier.

AirTight Secure Wi-Fi Key Datasheet

AirTight Secure Wi-Fi provides detection and prevention of rogue access points (APs) and other wireless vulnerabilities to satisfy PCI compliance requirements today while laying the foundation for strategic wireless initiatives in the future.

AirTight SpectraGuard SAFE

SpectraGuard SAFE - is wireless security agent for endpoints that protects mobile clients from Wi-Fi threats – 24 x 7, wherever they are.

SpectraGuard Enterprise

AirTight's SpectraGuard Enterprise wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) provides enterprises with continuous and the most comprehensive protection against current and emerging wireless threats.

Don’t Let Wireless Detour Your PCI Compliance

This white paper helps those organizations understand how the PCI DSS 1.2 wireless requirements apply to them, how to meet those requirements in a cost effective way, and how to secure your network and cardholder data from wireless threats.

Wireless Forensics at Your Fingertips - Smart Forensics™

Network administrators and incident handlers are faced with the complexity of managing and responding to the growing number of wireless LAN (WLAN) hacking incidents, unauthorized devices and misbehaving end-users. Wireless forensics — the ability to collect and analyze wireless data traffic to decipher what, when and how an incident happened — holds the key to be able to respond swiftly to a security breach or wireless vulnerability.

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