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  • Blue Coat
    • Blue Coat Systems is a leading provider of Web security and WAN optimization solutions. Blue Coat offers solutions that provide the visibility, acceleration and security required to optimize and secure the flow of information to any user, on any network, anywhere. Founded in 1996, Blue Coat provides products to more than 15,000 customers worldwide, including 88% of the Fortune Global 500.

      Blue Coat Labs Report: Advanced Persistent Threats

      Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are well-researched and highly coordinated attacks designed to circumvent technical, procedural and user training defense mechanisms. Unlike mass-market malware attacks, APTs are not crimes of opportunity. They are targeted, specialized attacks against specific organizations or groups, and typically blend a broad range of common malware, phishing, hacking, spying and other tools together in a well-orchestrated operation

      The Benefits of a Hybrid Security Architecture

      Cloud computing has become a viable model for a multitude of IT requirements. In some cases, large organizations purchase cloud-based CPU cycles on an as-needed basis for test, development, and batch processing using Infrastructure-as-aService (IaaS) offerings from vendors like Amazon, Rackspace, and Terremark. Other times they simply outsource an entire application, handing email to Google, CRM to, or payroll to ADP.

      The WebPulse Collaborative Defense

      With WebPulse we have the mechanism to share intelligence contributed anonymously into the cloud, and deliver more accurate ratings and protection, more rapidly, back to the community that uses Blue Coat web security products powered by WebPulse.

  • Catbird
    • Catbird® is a pioneer and leader in Software-Defined Segmentation and Security for the Hybrid IT Infrastructure. Catbird’s software suite of products was designed from the ground up to provide visibility into and protection of private clouds and virtual Data Centers, and is available for both VMware and OpenStack.

      Auditor Reviewed PCI Solution Guide for Compliance Monitoring

      The Catbird PCI Solution Guide augments the native security offerings in VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 to cover additional control areas required for PCI compliance, enabling retailers to accelerate and simplify the transition of mission critical operations to virtualized data centers.

  • HEAT Software
    • HEAT Software, Inc., a global leader in operational endpoint security, develops, integrates and markets security software solutions helping companies to protect their vital information and manage critical risk across network and endpoint assets. HEAT Software enables more than 5,100 customers worldwide to achieve optimal security and IT success by delivering a proven and award-winning solution portfolio that includes Vulnerability Management, Endpoint- and Data Protection, Reporting and Compliance offerings.

      Lumension Data Protection Solution

      Prevent Data Loss and Theft by Enforcing Removable Device Usage and Data Encryption Policies. In today’s global 24x7 business environment, organizations need real-time access to information - balancing this with the associated risks is key to ensuring data is not lost or stolen and business productivity is not diminished. Lumension Data Protection automates the enforcement of data and device usage policies across the entire network and enforces encryption policies for sensitive data being copied to removable devices.

      Lumension Intelligent Whitelisting

      More Effective, Flexible and Easy-to-Manage Endpoint Security that Reduces Malware Risk and Endpoint TCO - Without Impacting Business Productivity. In today’s dynamic threat environment, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated and targeted malware attacks from financially-motivated cybercriminals. To meet the demands of the new environment, organizations must ensure better centralized control over endpoint configurations to improve their security posture, without impacting end-user productivity.

      Lumension Vulnerability Management

      Integrated, Proactive Software Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management. As more IT organizations are supporting heterogeneous environments with increasingly diverse operating systems and applications, they need an automated and streamlined vulnerability management solution to simplify and expedite the process. Lumension Vulnerability Management enables enterprises to effectively manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle utilizing automated vulnerability assessment, patch management and remediation.

  • MobileIron
    • MobileIron was purpose-built to secure and manage mobile apps, data, and devices for global companies. MobileIron was the first to deliver key innovations such as multi-OS mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and BYOD privacy controls. Positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner, Inc.'s Magic Quadrant for Mobile Device Management Software 2011, MobileIron is solving the problems CIOs face as business data and applications move to smartphones and tablets. The MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform and the MobileIron Connected Cloud are the first solutions to give IT and users real-time intelligence and control over mobile content, activity, and apps in order to secure the enterprise, reduce wireless cost, and improve the mobile user experience.

      MobileIron for Android

      MobileIron’s advanced security and app management capabilities allow organizations to expand their Android mobile deployments from knowledge worker and BYOD settings to more rigorous regulated and app-centric use cases.

      MobileIron for iOS

      MobileIron was the pioneer of iOS in the enterprise, delivering the platform’s first private app storefront, BYOD privacy controls, and certificate-based identity management.

  • Mojo Networks
    • Mojo Networks is the global leader in wireless security and compliance solutions. Mojo's patented technology protects enterprises from the growing problem of Wi-Fi security threats, while allowing organizations to better manage their WLAN environment and comply with emerging wireless compliance standards (i.e. PCI). The Company's award-winning SpectraGuard wireless intrusion prevention solution (WIPS) family provides enterprise security and compliance professionals with unparalleled capabilities to accurately detect, classify, block and locate all Wi-Fi security threats, while helping network operations staff to quickly monitor and troubleshoot WLAN performance issues.

      Don’t Let Wireless Detour Your PCI Compliance

      This white paper helps those organizations understand how the PCI DSS 1.2 wireless requirements apply to them, how to meet those requirements in a cost effective way, and how to secure your network and cardholder data from wireless threats.

      Wireless Forensics at Your Fingertips - Smart Forensics™

      Network administrators and incident handlers are faced with the complexity of managing and responding to the growing number of wireless LAN (WLAN) hacking incidents, unauthorized devices and misbehaving end-users. Wireless forensics — the ability to collect and analyze wireless data traffic to decipher what, when and how an incident happened — holds the key to be able to respond swiftly to a security breach or wireless vulnerability.

  • Proofpoint
    • Proofpoint is a pioneering security-as-a-service provider that focuses on cloud-based solutions for threat protection, compliance, archiving & governance and secure communications. Organizations around the world depend on Proofpoint’s expertise, patented technologies and on-demand delivery system to protect against phishing, malware and spam, safeguard privacy, encrypt sensitive information, and archive and govern messages and critical enterprise information.

      Proofpoint CloudControl

      The Proofpoint CloudControlplatform leverages the cloud to deliver applications focused on security, privacy, and litigation. Proofpoint’sproducts are powered by Proofpoint CloudControl in order to meet the demands of enterprise customers who arelooking to reduce their operating expenses without having to sacrifice security, control, flexibility or scalability.

      Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation

      The Proofpoint Enterprise Protection Suite includes the industry’s most powerful connection management features, powered by Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation is the only email reputation service that uses a combination of local data and global reputation—analyzed by powerful machine learning algorithms—to block connections from malicious IP addresses. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation provides enterprises with an accurate, first line of defense against spam, directory harvest, denial-of-service and other email-borne attacks, while delivering substantial bandwidth savings. Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation provides additional spam protection against botnets, and reduces the sheer volume of connections hitting any type of Proofpoint deployment.

      Proofpoint Secure File Transfer

      Proofpoint Secure File Transfer provides secure, large file transfer capabilities that allow users to send large files quickly, easily and securely, while removing the impact of large attachments on an email infrastructure. Proofpoint Secure File Transfer enables increased user productivity and better management of email attachments—and ensures minimum impact on senders, recipients, and IT—while enabling the secure, easy touse transfer of large files.

      Proofpoint Spam Detection

      Proofpoint Spam Detection, included in the Proofpoint Enterprise Protection™ Suite, delivers the most powerful and accurate approach to detecting and eliminating spam and phishing attacks in any language. Proofpoint has combined the most effective spam filtering methods with its breakthrough Proofpoint MLX machine learning technology to deliver the industry’s highest spam effectiveness, greater than 99.8%, and lowest rate of false positives.

  • Veriato
    • Veriato (formerly known as SpectorSoft) is the recognized leader and pioneer in the computer, mobile device and Internet monitoring and analysis software market. More than 500,000 consumers and 50,000 businesses, government organizations, schools and law enforcement agencies have purchased Veriato products to help keep children and employees safe online, and to prevent Internet abuse, data loss and compliance violations in the workplace.

      Spector 360 Cheat Sheet

      SpectorSoft develops, markets and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, educaton, government and general home users. Our customers need to know how people are using their PCs and what they are doing on the Internet. SpectorSoft was founded to provide the first useful and intuitve recording and playback products for Windows and Mac OS based computers as well as mobile phones.

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