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Secure Wi-Fi networks in the Fairmont Hotel
March 16, 2012 - the deal for AirTight was completed; its security solution SpectraGuard was implemented at the first-class hotel, Fairmont Hotel in Baku with the companies headtechnology Azerbaijan and BestComp Group.
Безопасность Wi-Fi сетей в Fairmont Hotel
16 марта 2012 года завершилась сделка по AirTight, решение по безопасности которого SpectraGuard было внедрено в отеле первого класса в Баку мировой сети Fairmont Hotel с помощью компаний headtechnology Azerbaijan и BestComp Group.

AirTight’s SpectraGuard Enterprise wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) provides enterprises with continuous and the most comprehensive protection against current and emerging wireless threats.

Unmatched Wireless Protection

Powered by AirTight’s portfolio of patented wireless intrusion detection and prevention techniques, SpectraGuard provides 24/7 visibility into and complete control over enterprise airspace.

  • Automatic device classification:
    Powered by AirTight’s patented Marker Packet techniques, SpectraGuard automatically and quickly classifies wireless devices detected in the airspace as Authorized, Rogue and External
  • Automatic threat prevention:
    Automatic over-the-air prevention is a must for effective wireless security as it allows enterprises to respond immediately in the wake of a wireless security incident. Because of SpectraGuard’s accuracy in distinguishing genuine wireless threats from neighboring Wi-Fi devices, it effectively and confidently uses over-the-air prevention in addition to wire-side prevention for blocking any misuse of Wi-Fi or violation of enterprise security policies.
  • Protection from unapproved smart devices:
    In today’s “BYOD” (bring your own device) culture, the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets poses an immediate threat to your network. Authorized users need only their enterprise login credentials to connect unapproved personal devices to WPA2/802.1x secured Wi-Fi networks and access sensitive enterprise assets. Data leakage on unapproved personal devices, malware and viruses, and “tethering” can compromise enterprise data security without the security administrator ever knowing about it.
  • Accurate location tracking:
    SpectraGuard can pinpoint the physical location of a vulnerable or threat-posing device allowing security administrators to track down and physically remove the device in question. It can provide both real-time and historical location details for a device.
Location-based Policy Management

SpectraGuard Enterprise simplifies the administration of geographically distributed locations through customizable policies defined on a region-by-region, site-by-site or even floor-by-floor basis. The hierarchical location-based management architecture allows network administrators to manage large number of sites from a single console.

Smart Forensics™

AirTight’s Smart Forensics simplifies wireless forensics by filtering out useless data and presenting only relevant and accurate forensics information in an easy to understand and actionable format. Smart Forensics summarizes all relevant information without the need for cumbersome trace collection and packet-level analysis.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance

SpectraGuard simplifies compliance with regulatory wireless security requirements via automated wireless scanning, consolidated analysis of scan data from multiple locations and ready-to-use compliance reporting. SpectraGuard Enterprise provides predefined reports that map wireless vulnerabilities to specific data security compliance.

Predictive Wireless Performance

SpectraGuard Enterprise can also alert administrators of wireless LAN performance problems before they impact end users. It classifies performance issues into various categories such as configuration (e.g., incorrect channel allocation, sub-optimal 802.11n protocol settings), bandwidth (e.g., poor utilization, low average data rate, excessive overhead), and RF (e.g., non Wi-Fi interference, channel crowding). Remote troubleshooting including remote “live packet capture” from a central console allows network administrators to resolve problems at remote sites quickly without sending IT staff to those locations.


World’s best wireless intrusion prevention technology

Automatically detects, blocks and locates rogue APs & other Wi-Fi threats

Blocks unapproved smartphones and tablets

Off-line sensor mode for fault-tolerant continuous policy enforcement

Detects and locates ‘non Wi-Fi’ interference & RF jamming

Smart Forensics for quick resolution of wireless incidents

Remote troubleshooting including remote “live packet capture”

Also available on VMwaret

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