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Private Cloud File Sharing

Meet stringent data security and data residency requirements while benefitting from sharing and collaboration with ecosystem partners. Maintain sole control of encryption keys to ensure that data is always in your custody.

Seamless External Collaboration

Enhance business agility and accelerate time-to-value by enabling employees to collaborate with ecosystem partners, vendors, and customers easily and efficiently.

Secure Access Across All Devices

Achieve BYOD security and compliance while enhancing user productivity with native mobile apps designed for the enterprise. Enable leak-proof editing on mobile devices to protect data, leveraging a secure container.

Secure BYOD Solutions

Access and collaborate securely with enterprise content from any mobile device – without a VPN.

Single Pane of Glass View

Enable centralized access to multiple on-premises and cloud-based content systems through a unified, “single-pane-of-glass” view, from any device and any location. Without a VPN.

AppGate SDP

AppGate SDP is a Software-Defined Perimeter solution that is:

  • Designed around the individual: authentication and authorization are based on the person, environment and infrastructure. It’s context-aware, dynamically adapting access based on environmental, infrastructure or organizational changes.
  • Built for the cloud: it’s distributed and stateless, built for hyper scale, with a microservices architecture.
  • Based on the zero trust model: it takes an “authenticate first, connect second” approach, ensuring that only authorized users can connect over an encrypted connection to network resources. This reduces the attack surface and significantly improves security.

Application Services

Help ensure authenticity of every user to every application through integrated Single Sign-on, Multi-factor Authentication, Workflow and Lifecycle Management and Mobility Management capabilities. Verifying the User is a core pillar within Centrify’s Zero Trust Security approach and centers around the notion that the identity of every user needs to be verified before granting access to a resource. Application Services supports both internal users (employees, contractors) and external users (partners, customers).

Endpoint Services

Protect corporate resources and data through a zero trust security approach. Verify identity of users and endpoints with adaptive MFA, conditional access and analytics that govern how, when and what users have access to. Bolster endpoint security with cross-platform policy enforcement, powerful host-based privilege management, session recording and logging for IT and end-users.

Infrastructure Services

Minimize the attack surface and control privileged access to the hybrid enterprise with just-in-time and just enough privilege, identity assurance and advanced monitoring and reporting.

ClearDB Documenter

ClearDB Documenter is an ultimate solution to document Oracle Databases, incorporating strong code analysis features along with the security audit engine.


ClearSQL is an automated code review and quality control tool for Oracle PL/SQL.


All-in-one SQLDetective is an award-winning IDE tool for development, management, and administration of Oracle Databases up to 12c.


ClassiDocs™,  our  award-winning  data classification and governance product, is integral to our solution platform. Once deployed, it scans, inventories, and classifies your entire data estate –  including  all  end  points,  servers,  network attached storage, storage area networks, cloud storage,  and  databases  –  according  to  your corporate policies and security parameters.

While standard classification protocol calls for a three step process that inventories, categorizes, and secures data, ClassiDocs pushes beyond the standard by applying machine learning and end user  feedback  to  classify  data  as  it  is  created, across  every  data  point.  This  empowers  data creators to define and augment the classification process,  while  the  product’s  inherent machine-learning  technology  continuously validates, refines, and updates classification as data moves within your organization.

ClassiDocs powers the inventory and classification of explicit and specific identifiers across  all  data  repositories,  structured  and  unstructured,  so  that  scattered  data points  can  be  funneled  into  a  complete,  timely  response  for  purposes  such as  discovery  and  compliance.  For  example,  critical  response  to  12  of  the  most important  GDPR  articles  is  fast-tracked  via  the  product’s  robust,  simple-to-use workflow that allows full customization, search, and remediation based on personal identifiable information (PII).

ForeScout CounterACT

ForeScout CounterACT allows IT organizations to readily understand and control how all users, systems and devices, including mobile devices and VMs, access network resources and applications.

LogPoint SIEM

The LogPoint SIEM solution extracts events and incidents from the billions of logs existing in any IT infrastructure of any size

EgoSecure Data Protection

Access Control

  • Control and governance of access to external devices and client environment interfaces
  • Access permission to cloud services
  • Control of all data transmission paths
  • Control of network connections (e.g. WLAN, antibridging, USB network adapters)
  • BadUSB protective measures
  • File filter for blocking certain data formats
  • Whitelisting of external devices
  • Revision security according to Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI conformity

MobileIron Access

Simple and smart security for the enterprise cloud

MobileIron Threat Defense

Protect your company from future cyber attacks

MobileIron Unified Endpoint Management

Secure mobile innovation delivered to the enterprise edge

OneSpan Authentication Server

OneSpan Authentication Server offers strong authentication and validation of transaction signatures to address the need for e-signatures in commercial and banking applications.

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator

OneSpan Mobile Authenticator is a mobile, two-factor authentication app that enables users to securely login to applications, via their mobile device, with a simple fingerprint, FaceID or PIN along with a one-time password (OTP).

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is an on-demand archiving solution that addresses three key challenges – legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and email storage management—without the headaches of managing archiving in-house.

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance

Proofpoint Enterprise Governance Suite is an information governance solution that provides organizations the ability to monitor and apply policy to unstructured information—wherever it exists across the enterprise. By proactively governing unstructured information “in-place,” organizations can effectively protect brand and manage regulatory compliance, security, and confi dentiality.

Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy

The Proofpoint Enterprise Privacy suite provides a full lifecycle approach to protecting information of all types.

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection

Proofpoint Enterprise Protection delivers everything needed to keep an organization safe from email threats bytaking a full lifecycle approach to securing email.

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection

Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection provides the tools to keep an organization safe from the malicious nature of targeted spear-phishing attacks and is a natural complement to any existing email security gateway.


8MAN is a fully integrated software solution for the management of Active Directory, file server and SharePoint access rights. Limit access rights to a “need to know” basis thereby significantly reducing data security risks. Ensure accountability and compliance with internal policies by knowing who touched which files.

Enterprise messaging

Teamwire is a fast and easy to use app to serve all enterprise messaging needs. The app provides a compelling set of features to improve the communication with colleagues and teams. Users can send 1:1 and group messages, post status updates to teams, exchange video and voice messages, and share files, calendar dates, photos and much more.

Veriato 360

Veriato 360 is comprehensive user-based Activity Monitoring software that allows IT professionals, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, and General Managers to monitor, replay, and analyze all user, department, and division electronic activity.


Veriato INVESTIGATOR automatically records emails, chats, instant messages, web sites visited, and more on Windows-based servers, PCs, and laptops.

Veriato Recon

Veriato Recon is User Behavior Analysis Software that provides early warning of suspicious behavior by passively monitoring user behavior and alerting when actions contradict policies or vary from well-defined patterns.


WorksPad is the  integrated enterprise mobile workplace with a unique to mobile world all-in-one approach. It provides an access to corporate file and document resources, file sync & share with editing capabilities, corporate email, contacts and corporate address book, calendars, intranet and internet browsing - all in one application on iOS or Android mobile devices, with enterprise-grade security. With WorksPad by MobilityLab LLC you can perform the same daily office tasks but wherever you like or need in highly productive and secure way.


WorksPad for MobileIron provides mobile workers on iOS and Android devices with an integrated enterprise-grade workplace, which incorporates in one mobile application an access to corporate file and document resources, file sync & share with editing capabilities, corporate email, corporate address book, calendars, intranet and internet browsing and utilize he full power of AppConnect technology by MobileIron for ultimate manageability and security for enterprises.

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