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VASCO adds virtual appliance to its IDENTIKEY product range
VASCO IDENTIKEY Virtual appliance offers unmatched remote access security.
Компания VASCO объявила о выходе виртуальной версии IDENTIKEY
VASCO IDENTIKEY Virtual Appliance – непревзойденная защита удаленного доступа для организаций, которые хотят переместить свою инфраструктуру безопасности в виртуальную среду.
VASCO launches DIGIPASS 870 and updates MYDIGIPASS.COM platform
DIGIPASS 870 is a USB connectable card reader which can be used in both connected and unconnected mode. The enhanced version of MYDIGIPASS.COM authentication platform for consumers will have more attractive design, additional innovative features and a new go-to-market strategy.

VASCO DIGIPASS provides strong user authentication and e-Signatures and is compatible with more than 50 international vendors for e-commerce, e-banking, e-networking and e-government applications.

VASCO addresses the security gap caused by using insecure static passwords for the authentication of users. Strong authentication refers to systems that require multiple factors for authentication and uses advanced technology to verify a user’s identity.

DIGIPASS is a family of customer-interfacing products that offers a complete set of e-Signature and user authentication functionalities across a wide variety of platforms.

VASCO DIGIPASS is available in a wide range of form factors including hardware, software, mobile, zero footprint, USB, and card-based solutions.A physical device like a DIGIPASS or a DIGIPASS smart card incombination with something you know (like a PIN code) or something you are (like a fingerprint), enables you to safely identify customers and employees who are trying to access your network resources. VASCO’s advanced authentication technologies are virtually impossible to hack or break. DIGIPASS reduces data security concerns associated with online purchases, password sharing, account access, and financial transactions. By replacing static passwords with a solution that generates dynamic one-time passwords and electronic signatures, organizations are able to secure access to their critical applications without impacting the customer’s user experience.

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