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8MAN is a fully integrated software solution for the management of Active Directory, file server and SharePoint access rights. Limit access rights to a “need to know” basis thereby significantly reducing data security risks. Ensure accountability and compliance with internal policies by knowing who touched which files.

Three factors distinguish 8MAN, information through easy to understand visualization, documentation through meaningful reports and administration through an intuitive user interface. 8MAN is the comprehensive solution for access rights and user management in all types of businesses that demand data security, regulatory compliance and transparency of access rights. All of this makes 8MAN valuable for IT staff and indispensable for data owners.

8MAN is a complete solution for managing access to data. This software improves internal data security by providing a transparent overview and full reporting of access rights on file servers. It allows full control of SharePoint, Active Directory, as well as all administrative tasks in the creation and management of users, groups and directories.

Discover a completely new way of managing roles and delegating responsibilities. 8MAN unique Data Owner concept enables to give business users the power to manage access to their data without requiring other administrative rights.

8MAN architecture:

  • 8MAN collector
    8MAN has an intelligent, high-performance architecture, which ensures extremely high execution speed by using collectors on remote systems and/or individual servers. Collectors are automatically updated and for central filers can be installed on a low latency machine i.e. a virus scanner to achieve higher throughput.
  • Distributed infrastructures
    8MAN can either be installed on a central server or in complex infrastructures across multiple servers and geographic locations. In order to get optimal throughput a collector can be installed on each server to achieve the highest level of performance. 8MAN can even scan through firewalls or via WAN and VPN connections. Additionally, the autonomous execution of each collector allows for balanced scanning and complete information.
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