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MobileIron delivers End-to-End Management of the Samsung KNOX
MobileIron and Samsung Deliver the Most Advanced Android Solution for the Enterprise, with End-to-End Management of the Samsung KNOX.
MobileIron подтверждает интеграцию с Samsung KNOX
При совместном использовании MobileIron и Samsung клиенты получают преимущества обеих систем: отдельную рабочую среду в «контейнере» KNOX и централизованное управление MobileIron.
Citadele Bank Chooses MobileIron for BYOD and Document Security
Citadele Bank has implemented MobileIron to provide secure access to email and documents on iOS and Android devices and establish foundation for the bank’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

Mobile Activity Intelligence performs proactive cost control for mobile enterprises.

Mobile Activity Intelligence gives IT, finance department, and the end-user a detailed view of phone usage and cost drivers. This wireless expense management solution allows companies to optimize service plans and improve their negotiating leverage through a better understanding of the actual mobile activity in near real-time. Plus accountability for cost and the tools to control it can be distributed to the business units and end-users, moving IT out of a policing role.


Visibility and Reporting

  • Across voice / SMS / data
  • Across phone OS
  • Across operators
  • Across employee-billed & company-billed phones
  • Across locations

Real-time Roaming Control

  • Alert when roaming starts
  • Alert when usage level hit
  • User and country analysis

Exception and Abuse Control

  • Inactive phones
  • Activity spikes
  • Overages

Event Center

  • Activity thresholds
  • Security indicators
  • Alert triggers
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