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Secure Wi-Fi networks in the Fairmont Hotel
March 16, 2012 - the deal for AirTight was completed; its security solution SpectraGuard was implemented at the first-class hotel, Fairmont Hotel in Baku with the companies headtechnology Azerbaijan and BestComp Group.
Безопасность Wi-Fi сетей в Fairmont Hotel
16 марта 2012 года завершилась сделка по AirTight, решение по безопасности которого SpectraGuard было внедрено в отеле первого класса в Баку мировой сети Fairmont Hotel с помощью компаний headtechnology Azerbaijan и BestComp Group.
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have become partners!
headtechnology Baltics and Synergy Consulting have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

AirTight Cloud Services are a suite of managed services which adds Wi-Fi access, branded as AirTight Secure WiFiTM, to its unique portfolio of on-demand wireless security and compliance solutions.

AirTight is the first to offer cloud-based secure Wi-Fi access, PCI scanning, and network security in a single device. AirTight Cloud Services provide a secure WLAN network with minimum cost and complexity while satisfying wireless security and compliance requirements at no additional expense.


Cloud Services


Wireless Security

Wireless IDS

· Continuous threat scanning and alerting
· Performance monitoring
· Custom reporting

Wireless IPS

· Continuous threat detection
· Automated threat blocking
· Performance monitoring
· Customized reporting and alerting

AirTight Wi-Fi

· Wi-Fi Access (802.11a/b/g/n)
· Wireless IPS
· Compliance scanning and reporting
· Real time alerts

PCI Wireless Compliance

· Automated compliance scanning and reporting
· Real time alerts


Complete Wi-Fi access and security in a single device

Cloud-based service requires no capital expenditures

Requires minimal IT support

Faster analysis and resolution with 2-click Smart Forensics

Least expensive option for satisfying PCI compliance

Lowest total cost of ownership of any Wi-Fi security solution

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