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Proofpoint Cited as a Top Vendor in Independent Research Firm Report on Email Security
Proofpoint Receives Among Highest Scores for Data Leak Prevention, Product Strategy and Other Criteria.
Proofpoint Cited as a Top Vendor in Independent Research Firm Report on Email Security
Proofpoint Receives Among Highest Scores for Data Leak Prevention, Product Strategy and Other Criteria.
Самый свежий обзор рынка систем защиты корпоративной электронной почты
Аналитики Forrester присвоили Proofpoint максимальный рейтинг в категории DLP, стратегия развития продуктов, производительность и функциональность.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is an on-demand archiving solution that addresses three key challenges – legal discovery, regulatory compliance, and email storage management—without the headaches of managing archiving in-house.

  • Email storage management architected for maximum security and lowest TCO
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive securely archives information in Proofpoint’s Cloud Infrastructure and provides customers with easy access to their data at all times. The solution combines an innovative, grid-based cloud storage infrastructure with a lightweight on-premises appliance to deliver the performance, scalability and cost savings of cloud, while providing the highest levels of security and privacy of archived data.
  • The most secure archive in the industry
    Utilizing its patented DoubleBlind Encryption, only Proofpoint ensures that all data that leaves a customer site is always encrypted. This delivers uncompromised data security as information is protected both in transit from a customer site and while under management within Proofpoint’s Cloud Infrastructure.
    Data is first encrypted on site, with an encryption key that is unique to each customer. Since only the customer possesses the encryption key, only they can access their data within the archive. This breakthrough encryption technology, coupled with operational and security practices that are SAS 70 Type II/SSAE-16 certified and FISMA compliant, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides users assurance of complete data privacy and no-breach security.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive email storage management features

  • Trusted integration with Messaging Resources
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive provides tight integration with an organization’s existing messaging infrastructure. Taking advantage of Microsoft Exchange journaling, the appliance retrieves a copy of every email at configurable time intervals before clearing those messages from the journaling mailbox.
    Unlike first generation cloud solutions, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive’s unique “Pull-and-Confirm” method pulls messages from the journaling mailbox so email will never be lost, even if the appliance or network goes down. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive also leverages data from Active Directory (AD), such as group membership and access privileges.
    Proofpoint also provides tight integration into Outlook and OWA without requiring any client side plug-ins, thus simplifying on-going IT management and administration.
  • Search performance guarantee
    Unlike on-premises solutions that experience performance degradations and require continual hardware upgrades as the data store grows, Proofpoint Enterprise Archive delivers scalability on demand. Proofpoint’s grid storage architecture and parallel search technology ensures real-time search performance for all customers regardless of how large the archive grows or how complex the search performed. Proofpoint Enterprise Archive combines the benefits of on-premises archives with the benefits of cloud scale to deliver a cost-saving solution without compromising functionality.
  • Reduced Microsoft Exchange store with attachment stubbing
    Since up to 80 percent of email data is stored in attachments, stubbing features help simplify mailbox management and reduce end user mailbox sizes by automatically removing storage-intensive attachments from Microsoft Exchange, while keeping them easily accessible to users within their familiar Outlook UI. This allows IT teams to maintain more messages in Microsoft Exchange without incurring the added storage footprint, creating a “virtual” increase in storage quotas and elimination of the use of PST files.
  • Proofpoint Enterprise Archive discovery and compliance features
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive is delivered as a fully managed service that offers SAS70 Type II/SSAE-16 compliance for both its Cloud Infrastructure as well as its operational practices. This provides unsurpassed security and performance that is designed to meet even the most rigorous standards required for regulatory compliance and discovery readiness.
  • Easy-to-enforce retention policies
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive’s policy engine allows an organization to create, maintain and - most importantly - consistently enforce corporate retention policies. Enforcement of policies is automatic - a single click from the user interface is all that’s needed to make a policy active. Every policy change is tracked in an unalterable audit trail, ensuring an accurate record of an organization’s policy changes.
  • Fully automated legal hold processes
    Proofpoint allows legal teams to instantly preserve data in legal holds, which suspends items from their assigned retention periods.
    Proofpoint’s active legal hold feature preserves existing email and can capture new data that is relevant to ongoing legal holds or investigations.
  • Fast access for early case insight
    Using a web-based interface, legal teams can easily conduct near real-time searches across multiple content types including email and attachments, instant messages, Bloomberg data, social media content, documents, and networked file shares. The ability to provide instant data accessibility significantly reduces the time and cost of collecting, filtering, and searching data collected via restored back-up tapes, imaged hard drives and PST files.
  • Supervision for regulatory compliance
    Proofpoint Enterprise Archive helps organizations meet regulatory compliance demands by archiving information according to SEC 17a-4 and FINRA-compliant storage requirements. Supervision review features allow compliance staff to systematically review messages (including email, social media, Bloomberg and instant messaging). Content selected for review - either as potential policy violations or through a random sampling process - is then automatically routed to authorized users for appropriate action.
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