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Grey Wizard

All in One 24/7 Protection of Websites, Webshops and Apis

DDoS, Intelligent WAF, API Protection, BOT Mitigation. No Hardware, No Software, No IT experts needed. 24/7 Customer Service + 24/7 SOC Monitoring. Easy to use. 5 minute setup.

What does It Do?

It protects websites and web applications against DDoS attacks, Data Theft, BOTs and other hacking attacks.

How does It Work?

Grey Wizard works as a proxy server “filtering” traffic. It blocks hackers and BAD BOTs and allows normal users and GOOD BOTs to pass to your website.

Additional Features

Traffic monitoring & reporting

Grey Wizard’s dashboard allows to monitor incoming traffic. Grey Wizard can inform you about DDoS attack, bandwidth used or problems with your server. You can also receive detailed reports about recent threats.

Increased website performance

Grey Wizard Shield includes Content Delivery Network services, Load Balancing and Image Compression. All this to make your website faster and decrease bandwidth usage.

Grey Wizard in a Nutshell

Full Protection with 100% Sla

Grey Wizard Shield offers enterprise grade protection for online business and organisations. It’s is an “all in one” solution combining DDoS, Intelligent WAF, API and BAD BOTs protection. All this with SLA of up to 100%.

Eu Infrastructure for GDPR

Grey Wizard is a European Company with infrastructure located only in the EU. Grey Wizard complies with all GDPR regulations and your data never flows outside EU. A perfect choice for a european business.

No Requirements

Grey Wizard is a cloud service which means:

  • You don’t need to instal any software,
  • You don’t need any IT security specialist to run it.
  • It all automatic.

Easy to Use with 5 Minute Setup

The only thing you need, to set up Grey Wizard Protection is access to your DNS provider. You can turn on the protection in 5 minutes, starting from now.

Customer Support 24h = So You “Never Walk Alone”

Grey Wizard provides all its customers with Customer Support working 24h/7 where the median ticket response time is 6 minutes - fastest in the industry. Additionally, Grey Wizard’s Security Operation Center monitors your traffic 24h/7.

Easy to Use with 5 Minute Setup

Today traditional WAF and API protection are not enough. It is practically impossible to block all unwanted visitors using simple rules. That is why Grey Wizard was designed from the beginning, with the idea to implement Machine Learning, Heuristics and A.I..Thanks to these technologies Grey Wizard stops attacks like Distributed Brute Force, that are very popular and extremely risky.


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