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Unified Compliance. Enforced

NETconsent enables your organisation to become compliant and remain compliant with your business processes and regulatory requirements.

At the heart of our solution are three key pillars; Policy Management, Learning Management System and Content. All of which work in harmony to help educate your workforce, thereby driving positive change to facilitate compliance.

Through education, you can increase awareness to mitigate risk. To successfully educate your teams, you need to engage them. With the NETconsent solution, you can leverage the right content to the right users at the right time –driving maximum engagement.

Your teams can benefit from a blend of content which covers cyber security, business processes and global regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, our unique enforcement technologies give you the power to guarantee 100% participation universally.

As the leading education and compliance platform, NETconsent allows you to simply manage, deliver and report on your business-critical educational training and awareness modules.

Extending your protection

Risk is no longer sits alone with your direct employees, third parties need to be considered too. You can overcome the compliance challenge of temporary or contracted members of staff by safely extending NETconsent access to third parties -outside of your network.

Tailored content. Tailored delivery

Flexibility is key to your organisation and that’s why we’ve developed a solution that can help you tailor content to suit your users requirements. This could be delivering content in your employee's native language, specific to their department or through a particular medium.

Deliver any content, any time, any place

NETconsent allows you to deliver any content to your users. This includes the content we can provide for you, through a leading Gartner content provider –MediaPRO.

NETconsent has the technical ability to work in a siloed fashion or with your third party business systems through APIs. The third party integration brings your business systems under one roof, enhancing productivity.

In addition, the introduction of our new business app enables you to securely access NETconsent on any device at any time.

NetConsent Solution Overview

Product Pillars


Maximise user adoption and compliance of your organisation’s policies and procedures.Have peace of mind knowing that NETconsent is tracking and reporting on staff compliance progress -leaving you to focus on more business-critical tasks.


NETconsent enables you to deliver enforced training to your entire workforce -within minutes.Our automation technology schedules, distributes and reports on staff progress –reducing admin time for you.Maintain awareness and protection against phishing and cyber security issues. Become compliant, remain compliant.


NETconsent allows you to deliver any content to your users. This includes the content we can provide for you, through a leading Gartner content provider –MediaPRO.Maximise content engagement through targeted and tailored alerts and messages. NETconsent eliminates the risk of critical content being missed, which is a common challenge faced with email.

Why NETconsent?


Maximised compliance with our unique enforcement technology.


Maximised compliance with our unique enforcement technology.


Embed your own content, or take advantage of our extensive Media Pro library. You decide.


Multilingual and available worldwide, NETconsentsupports your entire workforce.


NETconsent Compliance Suite

The foundation for good governance

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